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So, yeah, typically holiday books are dumping grounds for throwaway work aimed at the guy who has to buy everything on the racks. BUT it’s also a proving ground for young writers and artists and is, occasionally, the place old stars roll out a brilliant short they’ve wanted to tell for years. Is this late-90s Marvel Valentines Day book a hidden gem or a low-rent cash-grab? I don’t know, but for the price it’s not going to hurt to find out.

Here’s something a bit more reliable. We know what’s going to happen in this one. These old romance books dealt so squarely in archetypes and convention, that I could probably just tell you what happens based on the cover. Still, every so often these will throw you for a loop that makes sci-fi comics look grounded. I just wish this one revealed some REAL bride secrets, like the sort I’ve seen in adult film.

It would’ve been easy to go with Amazing Spider-Man annual 21 for Valentines Day. It has one of my favorite romantic covers and just makes your heart melt to look at it. But what about this? Just as important as a wedding is the proposal. No proposal, no wedding, right? Buried in this otherwise forgettable issue, we’ve got Peter’s proposal to Mary Jane. Romance. Also, look at this awesome cover. “Hiding in Pittsburgh won’t save you” is fantastically self-aware.

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Vintage Spiderman Sweatshirt

Who wants to be the styling kid in 12th grade with the Spiderman crewneck? The sad part is if I wore this in highschool I would have been ridiculed to no end. But today with Hot Topic and Target selling all these Marvel related clothing lines you’re more likely to end up in a closet at some kids house fucking. Who knows maybe you can use the crewneck as a towel to lay down on. Spiderman is cool again and he might get you laid by some emo girl wearing a TMNT hoodie. snfurules is not asking much so pick it up your sex life depends on it.

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Alright Alright Here’s Your Post-Osama Post

Alright, so Osama’s dead and we should comment on it in some way.

I’ll be honest, the only time I got choked up about the whole 9/11 thing was when I read this issue of Amazing Spider-Man. I was living in Brooklyn when the whole thing went down, but I didn’t lose any family or friends in the attack. I’m not a monster, so obviously all the fliers people posted around town looking for their missing relatives upset the hell out of me. But the whole thing didn’t “hit” until I read this issue. Pick it up.

And if you need to be a degree removed from this sort of thing, try picking up the German variant. It’s easier to deal with this sort of thing if you can’t actually read it.

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Better Late Than Never. Peace Out, Comics Code!

The death of the Comics Code was a bit of an anticlimax, wasn’t it? For something that hung over every publisher’s head like a mean-spirited ghost that wouldn’t leave the mansion, it sure went quietly in the end. An effort to self-censor rather than be bullied by potentially more aggressive government regulations, the Code speaks to a time in human history where people were stupid. Every person on Earth should celebrate the fact that it breathed its last this year. But there is a whole generation of comic fans out there who don’t know anything about the dark ages of Code enforcement. To them I dedicate the following auction:

While most everyone is using classic EC material in their discussion of the Code, I’m going in a different direction. Here’s part of the “Green Goblin Reborn!” arc that helped undermine the authority of the Code. These issues tackled drug abuse, and the Code just wasn’t having that. So they went to racks without that annoying little stamp and sold like crazy. Code seemed less important after that. Amazing Spider-Man returned the seal of the Code after this arc, but pandora was out of her box. DC followed suit by going ahead with the publication of the Green Arrow “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” arc without the seal. And there it was. No one was outraged, except perhaps the narrow and retrogressive weirdos at the Comics Code who didn’t have the same juice they had fifteen years earlier.

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So tomorrow I leave for the UK for a couple weeks. I’ll be visiting Brit-Cit, Cal-Hab, and Murphyville (anyone? Reference here. Anyone?) and probably mutilating women of the night in Whitechapel. Wish me luck. The rest of the guys will continue to provide the same quality of great blogging Comicnoize is known for.

Here’s a couple auctions appropriate for the trip:

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Lest We Forget

Yesterday Marvel announced their upcoming event Fear Itself to much (any?) fanfare. Details are hazy at this time as are general ideas and even the vaguest conception of it aside from “it will involve Marvel characters, likely facing a struggle of some kind, with conflicts of some sort sprinkled throughout.” But we can all be certain it will be super important to our understanding of the Marvel comics universe and our own.

While we’re on the events train, let’s look back at my favorite* Marvel event: Atlantis Attacks!

Don’t remember AA? Shame on you. Get caught up with the following auctions.

The books themselves. Don’t look like a fool when someone references these truly unforgettable books. You know, maybe they’d talk about that epic fight in… er… or the real human drama that took place in… hm … or the really significant impact of the events detailed in… nope. No one will reference these. Buy them because it’s a slice of comics history.

The very important promo poster that invites you to “take the plunge” and buy all the books. Crucial. Great design work.

And what would any irrelevant crossover be without an even less necessary What If? book to hypothesize on slight variations on the original outcome we can’t even remember?

*After The Infinity Gauntlet, Inferno, probably even the Mutant Massacre… I don’t know, maybe Secret Wars 2 even. Actually Atlantis Attacks really sucked.

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Color Me Impressed

Before we go any further: Buy this. I don’t normally tell people straight out to buy the auctions we post up here on Comic Noize. We trust you can tell the difference between items that you should scoop up and the stuff that is just fun to read about. I suggest you click all of it and check out how ridiculous sellers on Ebay can be, but actually buying it… that’s your call. But this is cool. And cheap. Therefor, something that should be purchased.

Coloring is the second-most misunderstood art tied to the comic book medium (lettering being slightly more misunderstood), and doesn’t get the respect it deserves as an art unto itself. As a professional penciller said recently, “there are good colorists, then there are colorists who are good AND advance the story and those are truly rare.” Well put. Do yourself the disservice of checking out those calling themselves colorists on Deviantart.com or Digitalwebbing.com and you’ll immediately recognize the value of a good one. For every 50 people who color, there is one that truly adds something.

So pick this up. It’s from a cool period in Amazing Spider-Man history and if you hang it up in your home you are doing your small part to recognize the artistry of comic book coloring. Or at least you are recognizing the process behind your favorite medium. Also, it’s the perfect cheap Christmas gift for a Spidey fan.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #46

Retro ’70s has been the rage for Marvel this decade.

Iron Fist. Power Man. Hell, I think Shang Chi is getting a revamp soon.

And the ladies of Marvel, wow. Spider-Woman is just the headliner, the ladies of the dragon (Misty Knight and Colleen Wing) have gotten a minute… but my favorite?

Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat. She was the first out there chick to threaten MJ’s Spider-Love.

Here’s to the best female character of the 1970’s, who much like Todd Rundgren, has never been shown the due love that many of her peers have gotten. Someone at Marvel make her a pet project.

#46 – Amazing Spider-Man 194

PS – Go out and download “Something/Anything” and listen while reading comic books. it feels good.

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Ain’t No Fun Waiting’ Round To Be A Millionaire.

Especially when you look up comic book auctions on eBay all day long and get to watch auctions like these that you know are going to bring in some serious bank for both the seller and the buyer.

This first auction is only at $76 right now, but given the spectacular condition, and the fact that there’s still 6 days to go, it’s guaranteed to skyrocket…

This second one especially makes my eyes turn green and the drool start leaking from my mouth. Amazing Spider Man #2-50, sold as a lot. Good God do I wish I could get in on that high bidding action.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #94

I had to get in the way-back machine for this one.

And I can’t lie – I’ve never held an original copy of this book in my hands. But I have had the chance to read at least two separate reprints, and it looks just the same. Just without the yellow pages and worn spine. And I bet there’s some of you out there who’ve never read this story…

#94 – Amazing Spider-Man 1

A great story. Legitimately, this is one of the first Spider-Man stories I ever came in contact with, second to only one, and Spidey wasn’t even in that book. Strange. But this story resonates within the pages of every Peter Parker appearance I’ve seen since, and for that matter every Fantastic Four book as well. The characters are perfectly defined in this book, you have the wit and playfulness of Spider-Man meeting the respective intellect, emotion, strength, and sarcasm of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch.

It gave me an understanding before understanding was a word I really comprehended of what the human element of a super hero was. The Marvel way of comic books. This is a BIG story for me. So you need to check it out.

Annnnnd since most of you might not have the dough to plunk down for the original above, you can also catch the story collected here (and the next nine issues of Amazing Spider-Man and the first appearance from Amazing Fantasy #15) as well as for a much more affordable sum.

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