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DO NOT WANT. Amalgam Comics

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Two wrongs do not make a right.”

Well, the inverse of that happens to be true as well. Here’s an example of two rights making a wrong.

Magneto. Definition of a classic Marvel villain. Complicated, sympathetic, at times even likable – but at the end of the day corrupted and evil. 

The Metal Men. Maybe the best characters created by DC post 1960. Quirky, weird, fun. Endearing. 

Let’s even throw a notable artist of the late 90’s into the mix – Jeff Matsuda. I would consider him a one of the bigger contributors under the wave of Joe Mad, but with a rougher line style that could be comparable at times to Chris Bachalo. I enjoyed his work but at times would squirm on some of his head and shoulder shots. Anything from a Medium shot and wider had enough going on to pull away, but sometimes his fine details left something to be desired. Still, I would consider him an artist I enjoyed to ‘read.’

Now, mix gently and pour into the blender,  add a dash of throw-away company crossover storyline and – BAM – ew, gross. Turn away. Even with an artist who’s done work I can hang with on a certain level, everything about this shouts “no, thanks.” Garish colors not withstanding, there WAS a time when the Amalgam line was touted as being the in thing. Pull out some old Wizards and look it up. Bah.

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