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Random Comic Book Fridays Are Back.

You miss it?

As always, the deal is that I just enter the words “comic book” in the search field, with whatever settings I currently have going at the time, and post the first 2 things that come up (that aren’t ending in the next 30 seconds at least).

Oddly enough, this week what came up weren’t even actual comic books, nor did they even have the words “comic book” in the description…

Ah, Alex Ross. If ever a comic book artist’s work were suitable for framing, it’s his.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #58

I, like most (somewhat) sane humans, have phased in and out of my interest in comics. Sometimes it bums me out that I have, but especially with the valleys that the mainstream comic world has faced, I think it’s almost expected.

One of the books that got me back in was this one. It’s strange to say because it takes a TRUE Marvel (Zombie? FOOM? Merry Marvel Marching Society Member?) Nerd to get back into comics due to such a continuity heavy and dense series. I don’t have much to say other that this excerpt from wikipedia spells out why I salivated at the idea of Earth X, and this, the first issue I bought of the entire trilogy.

#58 – Universe X 1

“With the Celestial embryo gone, Earth’s mass is reduced, causing a shift in orbit and polarity as well as drastic worldwide climate changes. One-fourth of New York’s population dies as temperatures plummet. The Tong of Creel, a cult dedicated to reassembling the Absorbing Man, begins killing those who hold his fragments. Under Mephisto‘s influence, Pope Immortus founds a church advocating mutant dominance of the galaxy and the destruction of Reed’s Human Torches.”

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Awesome Posters are Awesome.

Crisis on Infinite Earths.

DC unscrambled their multiverse swiftly (kind of?) with this one, before it was once again tangled some decades later.

Regardless, AWESOME story. Even better? This Alex Ross poster. The detail and just raw power in this poster is incredible. Even at 5’4″ x 2’6″, it feels like it could be bigger. Like a wall mural. I need Alex Ross to wall mural this in my living room. Or for those feeling cheap, rasterize this one with the color printer at work. Send me the results.

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Sometimes it’s hard to be an adult into comic books.

I’m not really an adult. Like many of you. I mean, I am, but we are really starting to gray the black/white starkness of child/adult. I play video games. I drink an excessive amount of sugary substances. I read comic books. I still listen to “yelling” music on occasion.

So what can I do in my relatively adult house to express my love of comic books?

Alex Ross to the rescue. Classy, iconic posters that are without question frame worthy. Perfect for an office or project room. But do your significant other a favor – not in the living room. And for your own sanctity, not in the bedroom. It’s just a bad look.

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New and Old New Mutants Posters

Leave it to my luck for me to start dwelling on the Days of Future Present crossover and fate puts something in my way for potential purchase.

Damn you. I was just getting ahead on bills. Must. Not. Click. Buy…

Okay. Think I made it. It doesn’t hurt that this is a pretty unappealing poster. I don’t even think an intern designed it, they just went to the local Duane Reade and said to the stock boy, “HEY. Here’s a dollar. Design something that looks uninteresting!”

I’ll say this – the covers actually look WAY cooler on the poster than they ended up. When they went to print they added a border design and the images really got chopped. Pretty cool to see them in this form. Maybe this would look cool fram- STOP.

Oh and while we’re at, how about a couple of other New Mutants related gems?

Pretty nifty new poster for the recent New Mutants series. I dig it, and they all look spot on, but it lacks a quality that this next poster has in spades…

TIMELESS. This 24×36 Alex Ross poster tugs at my Bill Sienkiewicz fan heart-strings and hits all the right beats for anyone who appreciates the New Mutants mach 1.0 (or 2.0 but who’s counting.)

But for those who prefer a lil’ more Liefeld with their New Mutants… well here you go. Widows Peaks’ and all.

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