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Soft but Defined.

It’s not an easy thing to describe illustration all the time. Sometimes the answers scream out at you, and others you have to really search for what you’re seeing. Terry Dodson is the weird example where both statements above are true.

His style has both a very soft effect as well as being very smooth and defined. Perhaps its the very skilled use of differentiated line style – he makes a wonderful use of outlining bold lines to make them pop from the page. You can see this on this original art page on Emma Frost.

Early on in his career he got a shot on some pretty big books, and I was always aware and interested, but the book that has somehow still resonated is his X-Men Chronicles work. Howard Mackie wrote two excellent issues that fleshed out the world of the Age of Apocalypse. In the first issue (illustrated by Dodson) Mackie detailed the death of Wanda Maximoff, the daughter of Magneto, and, y’know, the Scarlet Witch. Dodson’s style has truly evolved, but stayed in a very interesting and soft line style that I think makes his work stand out from the pack. The second issue of the X-Men Chronicles, also part of the set below, is drawn by a near polar opposite but still very interesting artist, Ian Churchill. While I can’t necessarily say much for his proportions, I always enjoyed his detail.

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You know what?

This is probably one of the best looking customs I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure it took a lot of patience, time, hard work, and perseverance to so thoroughly capture the awesomeness of the Age of Apocalypse Colossus.

In the spirit of that, I’m saying we split the AOA down the middle, and make it a week long thing sometime in the near future. A Comicnoize Event, if you will. There’s certainly enough AOA material to go around; Marvel milked that cow like veganism was about to become mandatory within the year.

AOA Colossus approves. I think. He kind of never smiled in that universe. Ever.

I have dibs. Do you respect dibs?

(scoffs) I’m not a barbarian.

That said, I will have to say for the delight of probably everyone, we might need to determine an Age of Apocalypse day. Given that I woke up to looking at this poster from age 14 until the day I moved out of my parents house (19). 

I could definitely spend the better part of a day just talking about what I consider the ultimate x-event of the last twenty years.

PICK 5: Iceman

Inspired by the snow? Yeah, I like that. 

Howzabout some Iceman. No, not Val Kilmer. Not Chuck Liddell either. This guy.


Bobby Drake. Lovable loser? Maybe not even lovable. I always liked Iceman, but of the original five X-Men, he’s the only one who never really established as a major character. He hasn’t been a relevant figure in the X-Men comics in the past ten years… but there’s always tomorrow. That said, here’s my pick for the best Iceman stories I’ve read. 

5. THE CHAMPIONS #1 . Hercules, Ghost Rider, Angel, Black Widow, and Iceman. Bobby Drake goes to UCLA (Go Bruins!) and ice-slides his way into “the most sensational new super-group of all!” Okay, okay. Got jokes. 

4. UNCANNY X-MEN #18. Iceman is all that stands between Magneto and… uhh Magneto using Xavier’s sophistimicated computer machines to isolate the genes of Angel’s parents! This is actually a great issue of the classic X-Men, I’ve enjoyed it in collected form, but the summary of this found online really gives good removed perspective of how uncool Iceman really is. 

“He confronts Iceman, magnetically hurls objects at him, but Iceman quickly builds a slide to hurl the objects back at Magneto. He then takes the slide as a sled and races out of the room. Magneto follows, but slips on the ice and glides down an ice tube Iceman has made, leading him outside the school and into an igloo. Iceman tries to escape the igloo, but Magneto magnetically seals it shut” (X-Obsessed

3. AMAZING X-MEN #1-4 (Age Of Apocalypse mini-series). This series shows an alternaverse take on Bobby Drake, where his happy go lucky banter is replaced with doom and gloom. And it works. This artistic rendition of him is also much more engaging than the “fresh out of the ice tray” look he is so commonly associated with. Props to Joe Mad and Andy Kubert for really nailing it in the Age of Apocalypse titles. 

2. UNCANNY X-MEN #314. Long story short, this is a very important issue. It helped bring Emma Frost to the side of the angels in the x-books and define Iceman from that point forward. Frost transfers her consciousness into Iceman, and his into her comatose body. She utilizes his powers in the omega class ways that he never could or would… then he feels like a loser because of this. He hasn’t gotten over it. Really. Must read.

1. X-FACTOR #63 + #64. The Best Iceman Story Ever Told. Little glory in that honor, but it is what it is nonetheless. Part of the underrated Whilce Portacio run on X-Factor, this tells maybe the only Iceman focused storyline that showcases him as 1) interesting 2) heroic 3) not a total goober. Great art, good use of ninjas, and the only time I have ever read an Iceman story and said “More of that!”


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