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Top 100 Summer Comics #7

Technical difficulties everybody…

Maybe the height of the Adam Kubert run on Wolverine. So good that the entire episode was essentially revisited in the recent Jeph Loeb, just instead of a claw through the brain he cuts his head clean off with the murmasa blade.

The story: Sabretooth has sought refuge at the Xavier Institute (the ’90s name for the School for Gifted Children) but is obviously still a total psycho killer. Wolverine gets it, but has been MIA healing and dealing with not having an adamantium skeleton. Logan comes home, and decides it’s time to take out the trash. Epic battle. Why hasn’t this been collected yet?

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Top 100 Summer Comics #41

Rest of the week’s top 100 – Wolverine.

No particular reason why. Just realized how COOL he was when I was 12. And yes, he’s overexposed now. Hell, he was overexposed then. But I couldn’t get enough. Even as I got older, I am always up for a good Wolvie story.

But nowadays, there’s too many Wolverine stories in San Francisco, as an X-Man. Or New York, as an Avenger. There’s two locales I’ve always preferred for a good Logan romp – Canada and Southeast Asia, specifically Japan (real place) and Madripoor (unreal place). Let’s go to C A N A D A.

#42 – Wolverine 78 (series 1)

Bloodscream’s origin. Cylla, total x-villain jobber. Wilderness of Northern Canada. This issue opens with Wolverine riding a motorcycle with a wolfskin cape/coat, complete with skull. Oh, and a sword. A quick wrap up to a chase, but for some reason this issue works really well on it’s own. Reminds me of the days when action could happen ‘off screen’ so to say and that was just fine. Adam Kubert hit a real groove on this series from about issue 75 to 100, and I’ll go into detail sooner or later on the stylistic change directly after that issue that really threw me off. But here he is golden. Larry Hama had a great handle of the character, and despite some dialogue that is ridiculed with apostrophes and slang that feels dated now, it still works.

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