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Top 100 Summer Comics #62

I wanted to get away from the big names for a spell here. But that doesn’t mean I’m getting away from great single issues.

And though Quasar probably isn’t remembered for many, this was a great one. Self contained, I think this may be the best Quasar issue ever.



The Absorbing Man is one of the best Marvel villains – but he’s not in that upper echelon. I often make sports analogies here (guilty) but this is my favorite yet. When Acts of Vengeance came down, there were obviously some heavy hitters out there – Dr. Doom, Magneto, Ultron… they were spoken for quickly. The Absorbing Man… he was likely down the list, but man, what a steal. Like a late first round pick that just turns out to be the best of the whole draft.

The root of the story is simple enough – Absorbing Man goes at Quasar and absorbs (duh) the power of the Quantum Bands. Ruh-roh.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #87

I’ve spoken highly of theĀ Acts of Vengeance crossover before, but I sometimes forget about this very entertaining corner of the event.

Let it never be said that Walt Simonson has a lacking sense of humor.

#87 – Fantastic Four 334

In the first of three issues of hilarity, the Fantastic Four tackle pretty much every d-list villain out there. To the point that on all of the covers Simonson has Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing declaring “Yer Kiddin’, Right?”- you have to wonder if Simonson was dragged kicking into this crossover, given the flip tone to all three issues. Absolute great and fun story. Must read.

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100 Days of Summer Comics… #96

John Romita Jr. is a favorite of mine.

Hopefully he’s a favorite of yours.

His Spider-Man is infamous. But what about his Daredevil? Because I LOVED it.

#96 – Daredevil 276

Acts of Vengeance will get it’s own post from me sooner or later. But goddamn, how cool is this cover? Basic gist of the crossover is that the villains got together and decided, in an attempt to finally usurp their enemies, to essentially “switch off”. So you ended up with some cooky battles, but this was my favorite. Daredevil versus Ultron. So grimy. So dirty. J.R. Jr was far from the fully developed artist he became by the 90’s, but he was already a master. His work was so perfect I don’t think I needed to do much more than post this cover. Do what you can and check out as much of his 80’s Daredevil work as you can. Forgotten classics.

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