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When Things Go Wrong…

You are looking at a set three damaged 8″ Sideshow Universal Monsters, Creature, Frankenstein and Wolfman.

*CONDITION: damaged, these have only been displayed and never played with so they have no wear but each has a broken arm that happened during shipping.

No worries. Hit them with some super glue, and they’ll still be around.

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Action Figures Shouldn’t Talk.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule or anything, just a personal preference. I find it kind of creepy.

Especially when you look at who is doing the talking in this line of talking Marvel figures.

So let’s just break it down.

Threats of murder. Daydreams of cannibalism. Declarations of genetic superiority. “I’m a machine gun rat a tat tat!” All coming from the “mouths” of tiny plastic toys.

Nope, not creepy at all.

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What’s cookin’ in Plano, TX???

Custom figures, that’s what. And some AWESOME custom figures at that.

I think this is a cool scene – people who take the time, effort, and obvious skill level to make customs of figures that either don’t yet or just straight up won’t ever get a figure mass produced. Kudos – my inner child salutes you.

While the prices are somewhat prohibitive to casual interest, I think it’s reflective of the time invested. Here are some of my favorites, but be sure to click through and see some of the others…

U.S. Agent. He’s been mehhh in recent years – but in his glory days as the fill-in Captain America and then being shipped off to the West Avengers (or Avengers West Coast at the time) – golden.

Polaris in a more recent look. I think she’s been rockin’ this in the recent Space X-Men adventures. Always an underrated x-character.

Madelyn Pryor, the Goblin Queen. If you have never read the Inferno crossover… do. So cool. There’s also a What If? Issue based on the series with Ron Lim art, one of my favorite comics. Might have to write that up soon.

Ben Reily, the Scarlet Spider. Truth zone – I got back into Spidey comics to read the clone saga because I dug the Scarlet Spider look. I promptly dropped the books after I realized it was like getting on a train three stops away from a sharp cliff and no tracks…

Saving the best for last…The New Mutants. Magma, Magick, Karma, Cannonball, Doug Ramsey…err I mean Cipher, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, and Mirage. Well done. 


Colossus was always awesome. Totally under rated X-character, always getting short shrift in favor of the little Canadian dude and the schmuck with the playing cards and Halle Berry…

Dude was mad awesome back in the 80s though, when he was hooking up with under age Kitty Pryde and going toe to toe with the Juggernaut.

I’m sure the “power lift action” is just the old Super Powers “squeeze the legs and the arms go up and down trick” (or maybe it was a little lever in the back, I feel like I remember this line going the level route), and bicep curls aren’t what I’d call a power lift, but still. You get a Colossus action figure that can do bicep curls all day long. Match him rep for rep. You won’t.

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