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The Hurtful Racial Epithet Known As Sabertooth!

Were you all aware of this one? The issue of Wolverine where Sabertooth is nonchalantly referred to as a certain anti-Semitic slur, you know that one? I was so far removed from Wolverine as a character and a series at this point that this controversy slipped under my radar. But here it is. Larger than life. A word you’re not supposed to say in a book read mostly by people with the intellect of 12-year-olds. Danger?

There’s two stories that float around about this little snafu. Here’s the more likely of them: Dialogue gets cut off in a copy machine mess-up, letterer does as he’s told, editor sleeps through it. Pow. Collectibility. Marvel recalled the book and most people own the corrected copy, but there are a few of these bad-boys floating around. Here’s one. Buy it… racist.

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