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Get Me That Time Machine, STAT!

Oh, the Hulk is fighting Absorbing Man on a rocket somewhere between 400ft and outer-space? Man, this comic hits the spot. It’s everything that made 70s comics great. Right down to the brandbox with what appears to be a swing-dancing Hulk in the left hand corner. Weird perspective, imperfect feet, Hulk looking like a green Marlon Brando; it’s all perfect. Buy this just to celebrate a time gone forever. And expect an Absorbing Man super post soon. I love this dude. What’s up with his egghead here?

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Top 100 Summer Comics #62

I wanted to get away from the big names for a spell here. But that doesn’t mean I’m getting away from great single issues.

And though Quasar probably isn’t remembered for many, this was a great one. Self contained, I think this may be the best Quasar issue ever.



The Absorbing Man is one of the best Marvel villains – but he’s not in that upper echelon. I often make sports analogies here (guilty) but this is my favorite yet. When Acts of Vengeance came down, there were obviously some heavy hitters out there – Dr. Doom, Magneto, Ultron… they were spoken for quickly. The Absorbing Man… he was likely down the list, but man, what a steal. Like a late first round pick that just turns out to be the best of the whole draft.

The root of the story is simple enough – Absorbing Man goes at Quasar and absorbs (duh) the power of the Quantum Bands. Ruh-roh.

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