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Check and mate.

I haven’t gotten into the original art scene whole heartedly, but if and when I do, I think a theme is necessary.

Instead of having random pieces done, I think some sort of either specific or range of characters would be cool. I love the idea of having one character drawn by many different artists in their own respective style.

Though I never thought myself to be the first with such an idea, here’s a good example of exactly what I was thinking. Though I myself doubt I’d have chosen Emma Frost, nee the White Queen, as said feature of my collection, it certainly works well in both of these pieces.

Aaron Lopresti commission here, and a good one. Lopresti has a smooth meets angular style that I have really come to appreciate. It makes me think of a 2.0 version of 90’s artist Steve Skroce. This piece is a nice showcase of his simpler side, and works well.

Adam Hughes is absolutely the king of cheesecake at this point – and this piece is without question a reflection of that. PLEASE click through and see what kind of attention this is getting… and you know, I think we all understand why. Amazing use of ink!

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