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A Familiar Focus For Wingnut Wednesday

I think it goes without saying that Wingnut Wednesday will be 80% Dave Sim content, 17% Steve Ditko material, and 3% assorted smaller names. The Wingnut Wednesday title may seem derisive, but make no mistake- these are men and women I respect. They are the voices from the wilderness calling out for change. Individualists to the last. Actual creative people.

No one may be reading his recent works, but the respect for Sim hasn’t dimmed. His pieces still command prices worthy of a indie pioneer (that is to say, elevated but not unreasonable).

Here’s some original art from Sim. The fact that this comes from an upstate NY convention in 1981 makes it that much cooler.

And the fact that this comes from a student newspaper makes it the coolest.

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Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11 comic book LOT

buttahfingaz has got nice Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic lot. These comics are nothing like the cartoon, they are much more dark, you almost forget that they are ninja turtles.

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If I have any agenda, any purpose, in writing my own comics it’s to underline the plain truth: Comics are not for kids. No more than novels are for kids. No more than movies are for kids. Do those mediums have works for children? Sure. But the mediums themselves aren’t inherently FOR kids. Stories are things that come out of adults, typically, so it stands to reason that the content of the stories would most often be adult in nature.

All the messageboard pundits crying for comics to “return to being for kids” need to take an eye to history. If comics have “lost” kids, it’s been well over 20 years in the making. This run of Peter David Incredible Hulk issues came out in 1989 and is as dark and adult as anything you’ll read this year. Oh, it’s also great. But idiots who want comics to be for kids don’t care about good literature, they care about their narrow notion of “age-appropriate” literature. So either they treat classic works like this as an aberration, pretending its themes weren’t pandemic at the time, or they make excuses for it. But they NEVER accept it for what it is: proof that a generation, my generation, of KIDS grew up on comics meant for adults and were made better critical thinkers as a result.

Drug analogies; violence; murder; Satan; gambling.

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Be a Star!

How many of you know what it is to really matter? How many of you can possibly understand what it is to be a disco-goddess-turned-pop-princess? None. You are all worms without the ability to groove. But Dazzler knows. She’s seen the ups and the downs of this industry and she has weathered all storms. She’s the real deal. A performer without compare. A worthy member of the music pantheon, sitting beside Gloria Gaynor and Bootsy Collins. Buy these pages from the comic and stare at them for a few hours a day. Maybe some of that magic will wear off on you and you’ll have some value.

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The Bus Made Me Do It

Just got off a three day long bus ride from one side of the country to the other. If you want to know exactly how the whole thing felt, pick up this single issue of Punisher War Journal. You can see me as the Punisher or as the dude trying to kill him. At times I felt like both. Just as Frank Castle was changed by Vietnam, so too was I changed by my tour of duty on the bus. Now all I need is that moment that pushes me over the edge. For Frank, it was the loss of his family. The bus is more severe than armed combat so it will probably take less to turn me into the Punisher. Maybe the loss of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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I’ll Do Some Time In the Cubes For This

Check the starting price on this auction. Now tell me anyone can afford it on a law-abiding salary. Can’t. What would Judge Dredd think about me committing crime to afford this beautiful Mike McMahon page?

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Michael Jackson Comic

Well well well, I was wondering when I would find a Michael Jackson comic book. And now my prayers have been answered1973.chris is selling his copy of Michael Jackson’s Travels. I say this because if you look at the cover it is obviously a parody of Gullivers Travels. This is from the black era Michael Jackson, and it looks like Marilyn Monroe is chillin with him. I’m suprised at how quick the demand for MJ memorabilia died out. I guess it’s because people still have a problem with all the controversey surrounding him.

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Thank God It’s In Mint

Collectors. They make the world go round, right? They prop up items with no value and create a false market for things with marginal value. They’re essentially commodities traders, assigning worth to things based on scarcity and not on content. Here we have a comic book that really doesn’t serve as anything but a conversation piece. It’s not a great read. It only exists to be found at yard sales. Maybe you give it to your tattoo artist friend and it ends up between the Jason doll and bleeding Our Lady of Guadeloupe statue at his shop. It’s kitsch. A gag.


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Lest We Forget

Yesterday Marvel announced their upcoming event Fear Itself to much (any?) fanfare. Details are hazy at this time as are general ideas and even the vaguest conception of it aside from “it will involve Marvel characters, likely facing a struggle of some kind, with conflicts of some sort sprinkled throughout.” But we can all be certain it will be super important to our understanding of the Marvel comics universe and our own.

While we’re on the events train, let’s look back at my favorite* Marvel event: Atlantis Attacks!

Don’t remember AA? Shame on you. Get caught up with the following auctions.

The books themselves. Don’t look like a fool when someone references these truly unforgettable books. You know, maybe they’d talk about that epic fight in… er… or the real human drama that took place in… hm … or the really significant impact of the events detailed in… nope. No one will reference these. Buy them because it’s a slice of comics history.

The very important promo poster that invites you to “take the plunge” and buy all the books. Crucial. Great design work.

And what would any irrelevant crossover be without an even less necessary What If? book to hypothesize on slight variations on the original outcome we can’t even remember?

*After The Infinity Gauntlet, Inferno, probably even the Mutant Massacre… I don’t know, maybe Secret Wars 2 even. Actually Atlantis Attacks really sucked.

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Man-Thing Has Many Friends

Man-Thing is a man about town. He likes to dip in on other heros and say what’s up. Over the next couple days I’m going to explore a nice smattering of Man-Thing cameos. I should preface this by saying most of the appearances my man makes are of the truly pointless variety. Often someone will stumble into his swamp, either through the Nexus of All Realities which sits in the center of it, or just by happenstance. They interact with Man-Thing, believing him to be bad, find out he’s good or indifferent, then move on.

A Man-Thing villain was the impetus for this pairing (I think). Stiff-ass Cyclops can never hope to understand a sensitive creature like Man-Thing.

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