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I can never get enough of these 7-11 Marvel and DC Slurpee cups from the 1970’s. It helps that I’m a big fan of the Slurpee as a summer time beverage as well. And it looks like this time, we’ve hit the mother lode…

(Is that MIRROR MASTER~!?!?)

I feel like that these four auctions might constitute a complete run of single character cups. Don’t ask me why… even if it isn’t, thanks to chapman207 for making my day!

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1970s Marvel 7-11 Cups.

You may have noticed that we love to post these. That’s because they’re vintage plastic cups covered in lower tier Marvel Universe characters in classic poses, and because Slurpees are totally awesome. So it stands to reason that we’d be all about these Slurpee cups featuring classic Marvel battles…

But there’s just one problem.

None of these auctions bother to show the other side of the cup! Come on! There’s a half-assed attempt with the Mephisto/Silver Surfer cup, but it’s so cruddy a picture that it actually makes a cool looking cup look halfway lame.

At least the seller got it right for the Captain America vs Red Skull cup…

Much, much better. Fill that cup with win.

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Perfect way to ring in the Summer.

I don’t know who was making the decisions over at 7-11 in the 1970’s, but bless their heart.

Their inebriated, intoxicated, comic loving heart. Who other than an absolute diehard would think…

“you know what would be cool? UATU on a SLURPEE CUP!”

And the best part is the blurb / bio on the back of each cup. Pure genius.

In the interest of space, I will give just a small sampling of my favorite. Please note the absolute Double A roster of heroes – there are definitely some bigger names from this seller that I didn’t include (Hulk, Spider-Man) but the sheer number of low level Marvel heroes is astounding.

I implore you to click through and read the bios. And also spend some time perusing the rest of the items from this seller. Some real gems, but staying in the Slurpee realm, please note two of my other favorites: Native American Rain-In-The-Face and Kansas City Chiefs QB John Stenerud!

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Abominable Slurpee Cup

Arctic Burst flavor please. Shout outs to m0nster_one.

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