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Eat Me, Batman.

Here’s just a smattering of the superhero-related utensils available on Ebay. Who knew people wanted to connect with their favorite characters while they ate? Because I suspect helps motivate a sale, I should mention that Catwoman has her whip in the spoon image. Get weird, 50-year-old men.

As odd as the collectors’ spoons are, I think the toddler utensils are even stranger. It says “Batman” on it. Can toddlers read? Serious question because I try not to know any toddlers so I have no idea. Wouldn’t an image of Batman himself be more effective?

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Practitioners of the Mystic Arts Take Note

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to confess this piece isn’t worth what the auctioneers is asking. Also, I think it’s very unlikely that any of you are willing to pony up the sort of scratch needed to buy it for half the price. So why am I posting it?

Because it’s beautiful. It’s just a great Silver Age splash with all the fixings. Check out the incredibly expository dialogue (er, monologue) and narration. Too fun. I just got back from WonderCon and will be posting on that starting tomorrow, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace to just post something beautiful. Hats off to Dan Adkins.

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Market Forces Are More Powerful Than Terrigen Mists

I’m pretty rough on the Big Two for diluting the racks with superfluous titles made to cash-in on the readership of the core books. For example, Thor has a movie coming out so there’s more interest in him as a character right now than there has been in years. What’s the response from corporate? Churn out five other Thor books in addition to the flagship Thor title that readers have already invested themselves in. The result? Thor burnout. The god of thunder becomes Nicolas Cage, where you see the dude so often you begin to resent his stupid face.

Many people believe comics won’t see a turnaround in sales until the major companies get it through their heads that readers want really solid core titles. Why dilute an already drowned market?

I feel this, but it’s important to look at it in context. Is this really a new phenomenon? At one point I was buying Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man. They’ve been milking me for years! That said, the critics have a point. We’re all more broke than we were in 1989. It might be time to circle the wagons until the market rights itself. We’ll be missing out on new stories and we’ll be exposed to fewer new creators, but most of us are missing out on them as it is because we can’t afford them. Those of you into weight training will understand this analogy: the current system is building beach muscle. All arms and pecs. The system people are proposing would be akin to core training.

The following auctions are examples of supernumerary titles from days gone by. Happier days when people would say, “sure! I like the Inhumans, why not buy this stand-alone non-continuity story that seems unnecessary?” Those were the days. Maybe we’ll get back there when a new generation falls in love with comics.*

*You know, that time in the future where there are no video games and internet to steal away the interest of the young people.

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You Know Who Was Good at Self-Promotion? Hitler.

Typically, I wouldn’t use this blog as a platform for self-promotion. If I ran a crab shack, Comic Noize wouldn’t be the avenue I’d use to push it. Likewise if I owned a propane refilling business, a company that made unlicensed Grateful Dead bear stuffed animals, or a dental dam manufacturer- this would not be the place to advertise. But because I want to work in comics, Comic Noize seems like a viable means to get the word out.

My writing partner and I have spent the past few months developing ideas and bringing scripts to fruition with the help of some really talented artists. We’ve put together a number of pitches and are working on several more. Only seemed fitting we’d slap a name on our efforts, so we went with Ashcan Press. We built an online home for ourselves so publishers (and anyone really) could check it out. That’s over at Ashcanpress.com and the obligatory Facebook page for those who find standalone websites too “old timey.”

What does that have to do with today’s Comic Noize blog post? Not much, except my partner and I are working on a book set during WWII. It’s been on my brain a bit and I found myself looking through my comic collection as well as Ebay for reference. I stumbled across the following auction. What struck me about it was that Hitler is given an appearance mention as if he was any other Marvel character. I thought about the fact that I own many comics that Hitler makes a cameo in, but — to my knowledge — not one that includes Gandhi. That’s interesting to think about. I think it probably has to do with the fact that everyone likes to see Hitler punched in a comic book. I might write it into the one we’re working on just so I can cheer at my own book.

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History is Cost-Prohibitive

Well, damn. Uncanny X-Men issue 53 doesn’t stand out in my mind as one of the greatest comic books of all time, so why is this single page of it featuring a second-tier villain going for $17,000? The answer is Barry Windsor-Smith. Apparently, this is the first professional comic work from the icon and that’s worth quite a bit to some people. It is really interesting to compare this early Kirby-influenced work to Barry’s later super-clean style.

Will an image of Blastaar talking to himself ever be worth more than cover price to me? Likely not, but some 45 year-old dude who just made a killing in social-networking stocks is pumped on this piece. It will go next to his prized collection of Star Trek Megos.

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The Halcyon Era of Sexual Harassment

Remember the good ol’ days of hasslin’ women at the workplace? Your friend Martin Filchock sure does. Here’s the original art that appeared in Sex to Sexty, an obviously hilarious set of joke books. This knee-slapping gag dates back to the 60’s when the world was still fun.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #67

After some of my interest in the X-Men comics of the 90’s has been coming out, I had to stop myself.

I was starting to feel like a kid who loved LeBron James but didn’t really know much about this Jordan guy, let alone Magic and Bird.

Let’s talk classics. Stone cold classics.

#67 – X-Men 12

Do you know the Juggernaut? How about the origin of Charles Xavier? A must read for absolutely ALL comic book fans. This is like The Hobbit – you don’t need to know the content of this book to enjoy the X-Men, but if you don’t you will never really appreciate the stories like you should/could.

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Beware, Surface Dwellers!

I like the details on this auction: “Uh, dunno. It’s cell animation, so it seems like it probably went to a cartoon… or something. It’s Sub-Mariner, so probably, like, a Sub-Mariner cartoon… or some shit.” While this is very likely exactly what they speculate it is (from the Sub-Mariner cartoon), this was clearly found while cleaning out a dead grand-uncle’s attic in preparation for an estate sale. That said, it’s a cool piece and potentially the sort of wall art you might want to transition into as you take down your unframed Emma Frost posters.

I could be alone here, but I really like Namor’s look in this piece. It’s somewhere between Prince of Atlantis and Beavis from “Beavis and Butthead”.

Ebay insider wisdom here: Because the origin of the piece can’t be verified, use the “Make Offer” button and see if you can’t get this for $100. At that point, even if you never go to the trouble of finding its credentials, it’s a steal.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #94

I had to get in the way-back machine for this one.

And I can’t lie – I’ve never held an original copy of this book in my hands. But I have had the chance to read at least two separate reprints, and it looks just the same. Just without the yellow pages and worn spine. And I bet there’s some of you out there who’ve never read this story…

#94 – Amazing Spider-Man 1

A great story. Legitimately, this is one of the first Spider-Man stories I ever came in contact with, second to only one, and Spidey wasn’t even in that book. Strange. But this story resonates within the pages of every Peter Parker appearance I’ve seen since, and for that matter every Fantastic Four book as well. The characters are perfectly defined in this book, you have the wit and playfulness of Spider-Man meeting the respective intellect, emotion, strength, and sarcasm of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch.

It gave me an understanding before understanding was a word I really comprehended of what the human element of a super hero was. The Marvel way of comic books. This is a BIG story for me. So you need to check it out.

Annnnnd since most of you might not have the dough to plunk down for the original above, you can also catch the story collected here (and the next nine issues of Amazing Spider-Man and the first appearance from Amazing Fantasy #15) as well as for a much more affordable sum.

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More Submariner!!!

Please excuse our Namor preoccupation here at ComicNoize.

He’s just that cool. Let’s talk about this, a vintage 1960’s Marvel poster featuring the man himself, Namor.

1. Can you picture someone tripping out in their garage, staring at this poster? It’s a little bit weird to think about this guy charging at you in the midst of an altered state of mind.

2. Imagine showing up at the house of your former high school crush, who’s now happily married with children, and just taking her out for a date. Now imagine that’s not a house, it’s a SKYSCRAPER. And you’ve done it so many times that you brawl the husband on the regular. And the wife still will go out for the night with you. She can’t deny the feelings. And you just revel in this. THAT’S HOW NAMOR ROLLS.

3. What’s with the cape in this poster??

4. He’s the King of Atlantis. And on top of that, he doesn’t have blue fins or prominent gills. He can throw on a suit and boom~ just a sharp looking dude with slight Euro trash leanings.

5. The first mutant. Currently he’s throwing the moves on Emma Frost, aka the blonde significant other of the leader of the X-Men. No bigs.

6. No, really. What’s with the cape?

7. He’s gone toe to toe with every hero in the known world – and still they come back to him in their time of need. And who is also one of his main “go-to” pals? Just Dr. Doom.

Namor rules, ok?

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