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Spider Man Lot.

As a child of the late 70s, some of my earliest superhero exposure came from Spider Man’s Electric Company appearances, both on the tv show and in the magazine. Mainly the magazine. As this was the 1970s, the company line was to draw Spidey exactly like John Romita did, which explains why to this day the Romita/Kane/Andru era Spidey is some of my all time favorite stuff. So lots like this, that span the decade? A jackpot.

Ah Cyclone… you never really got your due, you French version of Whirlwind you.

Please note issues 150 and 170 both taking the same “all my enemies are attacking me… I must be going MAD!” route, right down to using the same exact lines. I got a kick out of that.

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One more reason…

Neal Adams is better than you.

Well, at least a better artist. I can’t really attest to his breath, good looks, or manner, though I’m sure all are of above average quality at the least.

This cover just strikes an absolute chord as something that would leap of the shelf, be it 1971, 1951 or 2021. Classic and striking cover that makes use of an (obviously) shocking image but gives it enough life and substance that it resonates as opposed to just washes over you.

When I see covers like this, I can only think of how daunting it must be to take over a title like Batman where such artists have already tread and conquered in ways almost unfathomable. Thank you Mr. Adams, thank you.
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Sergio Aragones original art…

Well, it’s not Groo.


But on the bright side (always look on that) the piece is AWESOME. From the book “Incurably Mad”  published in the late 70’s, this is apparently from the collection of a relative of Aragones who has decided to let it go. I wanted to wait on this, but it’s too close to the auction’s end not to get it up ASAP. Awesome, and some other great originals are also available…

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1970’s Spider-Van

Did the word Kitsch really have significant value to the world before the 1970’s?

I don’t think so (though according to a quick google search I was alerted to it’s German origins in the 1860’s.)

So this toy embodies many of those kitsch qualities – ugly colors, self applied stickers, and, like most early 70’s econoline vans I’ve seen in my lifetime…

” Van is in good structural shape but missing the bumpers and is dusty.”

Might want to check the carfax on this one. Regardless, this Spiderman Mobile Crime Lab Vehicle is a MEGO classic, and should be heralded as such. Any cool toy made in the 70’s was probably made by Mego, but I’m not exactly a connoisseur, so tell us if you know otherwise. A cool item that in better condition would probably fetch a nice price. 

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