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I can never get enough of these 7-11 Marvel and DC Slurpee cups from the 1970’s. It helps that I’m a big fan of the Slurpee as a summer time beverage as well. And it looks like this time, we’ve hit the mother lode…

(Is that MIRROR MASTER~!?!?)

I feel like that these four auctions might constitute a complete run of single character cups. Don’t ask me why… even if it isn’t, thanks to chapman207 for making my day!

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Wait A Minute, I Recognize That Bowler Hat!

I knew Marvel put out a Godzilla comic book in the late 70s, and I knew that Marvel superheroes often showed up in it, but is that DUM DUM DUGAN?!?! As in Dum Dum Dugan the Howling Commando? Dum Dum Dugan the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Nick Fury’s best agent AND best friend?

The answer is yes. Yes it is. The man had a recurring role as the agent in charge of capturing Godzilla. You really do learn something new every day.

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