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I Wish They’d Put Prince Namor On The Tube…

Oh wait, they did.

Of course, the only way you’re gonna see it is if you still own a VCR, or if you get sketchy and buy one of the many bootleg dvd copies floating around the ‘bay (see what I did there? Subtle).

On a related note, in 1993 or 1994, I used to tape songs off of a local music show on Sunday nights, focusing on all bands from the Boston and Providence areas. One of these songs was about Namor; it may have been a version of the cartoon theme but hearing it, I don’t think so. All I remember is that the hook went “NAMOR the Sub Mariner, NAMOR… the Sub MArinnnERRRR duhna nana duhna nanana na duhna nana duhna nanana na”… I remember literally nothing else, other than that there was also a band called Are We Dead Yet? on the tape with it, but that little snippet has been stuck in my head for years. If anyone has a clue, for the love of Attuma please help me out. For that matter, any one with any Are We Dead Yet? info, I’d dig that as well. These mysteries have been haunting me for years now…

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