Fair Warning: You Have To Fight Me For This

Prophet is a book that shouldn’t work at all. It has no discernable point and every page is littered with captions describing what’s happening in the panels. It should be a failure. But something about it carries it through and makes it one of the best books on the racks.

This title is a strong argument for stylization over substance. Not an argument I’d ever make, but here it is for those of you on the other side who need a point of reference.

I’m going to buy this original cover art by Greek artist Giannis Milonogiannis if you don’t.

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Muscle Beach Castoff Vs Boca Raton Gigolo

Can we agree this is the best the Hulk and the Thing have ever looked? Marvel really missed a branding opportunity with these two. Think about how much more iconic these characters would have been if this is the look other artists had embraced for them.

The Thing’s shirt is so fly. I’d be pissed if the Hulk tore it too. Buy this 1980 poster today. You need this in your home.

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Underappreciated Genius? Or Accurately Appraised Genius?

Eric Canete is recognized as a top name in his field, landing plenty of high-profile gigs often on marquee titles. But he’s somehow overlooked at the same time. He has his fans, for sure. But his isn’t one of the names you hear tossed around when nerds gather to talk on “the best.”

I can’t find a reason for that. He is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the greatest talents working in comics. His work is stylized but rarely over-stylized. There are plenty of applications I wouldn’t pick him for, but in his lane he’s untouchable. Here’s a link to an auction of a Canete commission. It’s gorgeous and, if my predictions come to pass, it will also be a great investment.

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Megacity Pinball

So I’m not going to post an auction for the full Judge Dredd pinball machine. It goes for over $2,000 and if you’re that into pinball or Dredd you’re probably already hunting it. But I will post this backglass display from the game. It’s cool as hell and would look good framed. And it’s currently at less than $20. This is value shopping, dude.

I don’t know how the new Dredd movie will be. I’m hopeful, but hesitant to be so. Judge Dredd is an important part of my life as a comic reader and I don’t like to see him stepped on. So join me in buying up some Dredd merch before the movie hits as a vote of confidence in the character and hopefully the film. I’m wearing my Judge Fire shirt right now.

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What If No One Cared?

I’ll be back on Monday with Ebay listings of items you may actually want. In the meantime, here’s a couple that aren’t in great demand. They perfectly demonstrate that, like all comics, What If is only as strong as the writer’s effort. What the hell are these?

What if Archangel Fell From Grace? What does it mean? I don’t understand. He’s not an actual angel. The cover tells me nothing. Insider Trading? Human Trafficking? Match fixing on the collegiate level? What did he get into?

I couldn’t tell you what might happen if The Avengers lost Galactic Storm because I, like everyone else on Earth, doesn’t remember Galactic Storm. Was it lamer or less lame than Atlantis Attacks? I like this cover art because it’s not clear if they were approaching Earth and were blown back or if they were on Earth and blown off it. I like to think the latter.

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Less Than Mystifying What Ifs: Part One

What If is the best worst comic ever. It teases and taunts, often providing cooler versions of Marvel continuity than the one they opted to go with. Other times, it demonstrates exactly why the writers made the choices they did by showing us just how wack the alternative was.

And in other cases, it just answers questions everyone in the room knows. Take a look at this issue. What If The Hulk Went Berserk? Well, what if. Then we’d probably have another one of the 500 or so issues of various Marvel comics where the Hulk goes berserk. We could add it to our collection between two other issues where he goes berserk. BECAUSE GOING BERSERK IS WHAT THE HULK DOES.

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Geoff Darrow At Rock Bottom

Rock bottom prices! Jump on this Hardboiled art before some other lucky bastard snatches it up. Geoff still does killer work, but Hardboiled was a sock in the eye when it first came out and this is your chance to have a piece of it for peanuts.

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Super Mario Kun Manga Comic Volume 20 Coru Coru. Rare. Japanese Exclusive

swagmixedwithflavor is selling a rare Japanese Manga of Super Mario. These books were known as Super Mario Kun. This is volume 20 the story of Yoshi. It was originally released in April of 1999. Most of these Manga’s were written to elaborate on the video game storylines and sell MARIO merch.

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Larry the Alien Legion Guy

I’m going to continue to post Larry Stroman art auctions until you ingrates buy them all. Larry is the most underrated artist working in comics. He’s stylized and unique but still tells a story using all the familiar building blocks. He’s a rare talent… getting rarer by the minute because he seems to be off every radar at the moment.

Here’s a splash from his work on Alien Legion. Great material and I urge you to pick up the entire run, but right here right now, grab this bold giant worm.

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Deafening Silence

Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters. The creator pathos that goes into a character that can’t speak for fear of destroying everything around him is pretty obvious. Comics are one of the places being this obvious isn’t just acceptable, but is accepted as the root of great characters.

Here’s a brilliant piece by Evan Dorkin. Silently click the button to buy it.

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