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Giveaway: Prisoner Of The Mind Boxset

Earlier this year, we were approached by a fan of the site for a giveaway. Not only was Allan Linder a fan, but he was also an incredible graphic novelist. He is the artist and writer of an upcoming trade called Prisoner Of The Mind. It’s a gritty neo-noir trade set in the near future. […]

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The Last Resort by Palmiotti, Gray & Caracuzzo

I just wrapped up reading The Last Resort by Palmiotti & Gray with art by Giancarlo Caracuzzo. Have you ever seen that seminal Christmas classic, Elf (that’s right, I called it a Christmas Classic)? There is a scene where Peter Dinklage’s character, Miles Finch says “a farm book would just be white noise.” That’s how […]

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Scarlet Book One – Bendis & Maleev

On Thursday, Newbury Comics had a “buy one get one for a $” trade paperback sale. You know I was all over that. I ended up grabbing a few my brother was into too. One that he specifically wanted was Scarlet: Book One. I was game. The cover looked cool enough, and the combination of […]

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100 Bullets

There are very few books which I kick myself for not reading sooner. 100 Bullets from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is one of those books. I’m not sure how I slept on it for so long. I recall a friend of mine talking it up in early 2000. Like, he couldn’t stop talking about […]


Who needs Scarlet?

When you have Scarlet Crush? And Rob Liefeld variant covers? I’ve been on the disabled list, but it’s time 2 shine. The recent Scarlet series by Bendis and Maleev has been awesome. This week I’ll be going over some of my favorites of 2011 and hoping for some reader interaction on what I should check […]

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Not so Maximum.

Disclaimer – I have a huge collection of trade paperbacks / graphic novels / whatever you want to call them. This includes some great, some good, and some very bad. I was recently traveling and there’s no better time to plug your headphones in, pull out a trade and re-read then on a plane. Talk […]

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Great Rhino, Garbage Mysterio.

Spider-Man is magical, I think most comic fans will agree. The formula was simple, and executed perfectly from the start – a simple everyman with a moral compass with just enough pratfalls and tragedy… voila. Amazing. But as such simple formulas tend, the dust of the years has occasionally not been so friendly to Peter […]

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A tale of two Bagley pages…

Two original art pieces here from Mark Bagley, the Cal Ripken of mainstream comics. An artist who’s style is and always has been very smooth, clean, and detailed without needing too much in the way of superfluous line work. He’s evolved a little bit over the years, but he’s got a trademark style that is […]

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Warren Ellis, Excalibur

Been doing what I can to catch up on some comic reading, especially with a couple of stressful weeks under my belt at work and dealing with car problems. One of the books I got to was this, the first collection of Excalibur written by Warren Ellis. What’s interesting is how much of the Excalibur […]

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Brooklyn Monster Factory

I recently received an email from Mike of Brooklyn Monster Factory. Sad to say, but these dudes had to close their doors not that long ago. Shitty, very much a bummer. And now Mike is left with a ton of old stock. This is where you come in. If you need old issues, trades or […]

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