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If It Had Exploded, Would It Have Gone “DOOM”?

I hate to keep beating the Thor drum over here, but I saw a funny news story last week, and it just so happens to fit in with the Thor promotional item for sale in this auction… Police evacuated the bus terminal in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, Friday afternoon after a suspicious package was discovered […]

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Random Comic Book Friday.

Kind of underwhelming CBF this week… starting with a random issue of X-men Children of the Atom… …and then a complete run of Camelot 3000, which was interesting at the time, and has the ill Brian Bolland art, but I don’t think it’s held up. Maybe it’s just me.

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EVS Rules.

Ethan Van Sciver is one of my current fave comic book artists right now. His Green Lantern stuff? Just awesome. But he also has a knack for the Bat, as these two pieces of original artwork will attest. You probably only have a shot at affording one of them though…

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Truth, Justice, & the *CENSORED* Way.

So I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Superman renounced his American citizenship in a back story in Action Comics #900. To which I say, whatever. Having read it, the simple truth is: it’s a nothing story that most writers will probably just ignore (and actually, basically already have). And with good reason. Whatever lame, […]

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Comical Funnies.

I randomly decided to search eBay for “Ramones comics” the other day, just because I figured there had to have been at least one appearance by a band that pretty much looked like walking cartoons. So I certainly wasn’t disappointed to have this cover turn up:

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Wild Cards.

I’ve been promising to do a write up on the Wild Cards series pretty much since day one of my coming to this site, but between there never being a decent lot of the complete series up for auction (or a complete run spread out through multiple auctions; either way an admittedly lot to ask) […]

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More Thor!

Since we’re still mostly on the subject of Thor, figured it couldn’t hurt to post a couple items having to do with what most people consider to be one of the characters best eras: the Simonson years, which were recently collected in an awesome Omnibus edition… Yes, the years of Thor the Frog and Beta […]

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Where Were They?

It just occurred to me, you know who wasn’t in Thor, that I actually had kind of been hoping to see in it? The Enchantress and The Executioner. Don’t pretend that you wouldn’t have been into an evil blonde’s cleavage and a Norse god wielding dual M-16s.

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Random Comic Book Friday!

Kind of got a weird result for my random selections this week. I don’t know what I had my search set on, but entering “comic book” only brought me one actual comic book… I do have a soft spot for the Legion of Super Heroes and all their associated legions, be they Substitute, Villain, or […]

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Covers I Love: Anything With Hitler.

Perhaps that wasn’t the best title. Let me rephrase: Anything with Hitler, or any member of the Axis powers for that matter, getting clowned by the famous comic characters of the time period. This stuff is just total vintage Americana. Anyone from Superman to Batman to Joe Palooka and a chest tattooed Uncle Sam to […]

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