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The What Of What Now?

Let’s be clear here. This is not an original Jim Steranko painting. It’s one of those 11×17 reproduction deals, you know, the ones that are usually reprints of old movie posters that you can buy in Newbury Comics (or your local equivalent) in those thick plastic sleeves? Yeah, like that. And it’s not a repro […]

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Happy Memorial Day.

Don’t forget about the troops while you’re barbecuing your ass off, ok?

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Ramrod on Campus!

Ah, for a simpler time, when saying there was a Ramrod on campus didn’t mean an s&m themed gay bar had opened up at your college, but that an ex-construction worker turned leather clad super villain was there trying to ram his shiny head into whatever he could…

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The Day The Rottens Won!

I know the cover claims that “The Day The Rottens Won” is a story that no one demanded, but fact is? Speaking as a kid who grew up on hour long stretches of Hanna Barbara cartoons on Sundays? I’m intrigued. I would sincerely like to read this story and find out just what dastardly plan […]

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Interesting RCBF today, as I’ve never heard of the first comic that came up this week… Anyone heard of that first one? Totally new to me. The only Second City’s I know are the comedy tv show and the Saints. And before any one poo poo’s that Spidey issue as looking boring, it’s got Silvermane, […]

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Duh na na na, Duh na na na, FOREGROUND!

Love all 4 of these Neal Adams Batman covers, even if they’re are variations on the same “giant villain in the back ground, Batman and Robin cowering in the foreground” template… That Joker cover is an all time great, but dude. THE SHADOW. In a Batbook. That’s AWESOME. It’s such a shame the whole Shadow […]

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Ring A Ding Ding!

I am a big fan of Eric Powell’s the Goon. I also do entries over on our sister site Vinyl Noize. And it was in the other auctions of a seller whose auction I was writing a post about that I found this signed Eric Powell sketchbook from the 2003 Chicago Comic Con, which promises […]

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Book of the Dead: Deluxe Edition.

I’ve mentioned before that as a child, I had a bad habit of “killing” my action figures when at play. Morbid? Maybe. But most of my action figure play was of a super hero nature, and it just so happened that a couple of the comic books I had were the Book of the Dead […]

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The New Universe Did NOT Suck.

Last Monday, I did a giant post on the classic Wild Cards books, which brought comic book superheroes and real world events and science together in literary form. Today, we’re looking at what was essentially the comic book version of that: Marvel’s The New Universe, which promised “the world outside your window”. Both the New […]

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The Lawnmower Man.

When they made the movie version of Stephen King’s The Lawnmower Man, they dropped the ball. So much so that King sued to have his name taken off it. To my knowledge, he didn’t feel the need to do so for the Marvel Comics adaption found in the pages of Bizarre Adventures #29… The Walt […]

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