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What If No One Cared?

I’ll be back on Monday with Ebay listings of items you may actually want. In the meantime, here’s a couple that aren’t in great demand. They perfectly demonstrate that, like all comics, What If is only as strong as the writer’s effort. What the hell are these? What if Archangel Fell From Grace? What does […]


Less Than Mystifying What Ifs: Part One

What If is the best worst comic ever. It teases and taunts, often providing cooler versions of Marvel continuity than the one they opted to go with. Other times, it demonstrates exactly why the writers made the choices they did by showing us just how wack the alternative was. And in other cases, it just […]

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Geoff Darrow At Rock Bottom

Rock bottom prices! Jump on this Hardboiled art before some other lucky bastard snatches it up. Geoff still does killer work, but Hardboiled was a sock in the eye when it first came out and this is your chance to have a piece of it for peanuts.

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Super Mario Kun Manga Comic Volume 20 Coru Coru. Rare. Japanese Exclusive

swagmixedwithflavor is selling a rare Japanese Manga of Super Mario. These books were known as Super Mario Kun. This is volume 20 the story of Yoshi. It was originally released in April of 1999. Most of these Manga’s were written to elaborate on the video game storylines and sell MARIO merch.

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Larry the Alien Legion Guy

I’m going to continue to post Larry Stroman art auctions until you ingrates buy them all. Larry is the most underrated artist working in comics. He’s stylized and unique but still tells a story using all the familiar building blocks. He’s a rare talent… getting rarer by the minute because he seems to be off […]

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Deafening Silence

Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters. The creator pathos that goes into a character that can’t speak for fear of destroying everything around him is pretty obvious. Comics are one of the places being this obvious isn’t just acceptable, but is accepted as the root of great characters. Here’s a brilliant piece by […]

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Hey, Joe…

Peaceful transitions to Joe Kubert who passed away this weekend The dude raised the bar.

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Hitler Week Concludes!

I never read the original Unknown Soldier, so I have to confess I have no idea what’s happening here. Is that Hitler pinning a medal on a Confederate soldier? Hitler loves time travel. Would this make any more sense if I read Unknown Soldier or would I still think this is the strangest Hitler appearance […]

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Hitler Week Rolls On!

More Hitler Week here at CN. Let’s talk about this cover for a second, can we? So we’ve got the three greatest villains of all time versus the Legion, right? I spot Nero, Hitler of course, and… who is that third rogue? A gangster for sure… but which gangster killed 8million people? I gotta assume […]

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Back From the Bloc

Hey ya’ll, I’m back from a short trip to Eastern Europe. They’ve got beautiful women and a friendly attitude over there, but that’s rarely what’s represented in comic books. Instead, we’ve got Hitler, Hitler, and more Hitler. Normally, I’d decry the bias there and implore our comic creators to illustrate the variety of lifestyle found […]

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