THANOS Week Starts Now!

With The Avengers film in theaters and the very sexy post-credit scene promising a Thanos appearance in the next installment, copies of The Infinity Gauntlet are going up in price by the day. Everyone who doesn’t know, wants to know. Everyone who already knows, wants to experience the joy of Thanos all over again.

For people of a certain age, Thanos is the king. He’s the top of the comic crossover mountain. Secret Wars gets credit for somehow being engaging despite the dumbest premise of all time, but The Infinity Gauntlet was actually good.

We’ve all acted stupid for a girl, right? Imagine how stupid you get when that girl is the personification of death. Thanos is just a fool in love.

We’ll build up to the gauntlet. In the meantime, check this Thanos appearance in Warlock written by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by Jim Starlin. Whoa.

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