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Here’s where hype goes: An unremarkable first appearance comic (in this case The Invincible Iron Man issue 55) that can have its price jacked up to coincide with a hit movie (Thanos is in the credit tag at the end of Avengers… in case you’re one of the three human beings on the planet who […]

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Thanos week is going to be Thanos Two-Weeks. Memorial Day is for families, so I give you the mad demi-god in family-friendly form. Here’s a Mighty Muggs version of our favorite purple death-lover. Suitable for children. We’ll return to our normal program of Thanos as a pan-genocidal madman tomorrow.

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Thanos Week, our parallel to Shark Week, continues with this odd find. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about a copy of Marvel Two-In-One, even if it’s an annual. So why so pricey? Could it be the appearance of a certain moon-dwelling death-obsessed space weirdo? Could have something to do with a prune-faced demi-god? […]

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THANOS Week Starts Now!

With The Avengers film in theaters and the very sexy post-credit scene promising a Thanos appearance in the next installment, copies of The Infinity Gauntlet are going up in price by the day. Everyone who doesn’t know, wants to know. Everyone who already knows, wants to experience the joy of Thanos all over again. For […]

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SAVED BY THE BELL Special Holiday Issue Comic Book

I’m pretty sure the cover of this comic comes from the Saved By Bell episode with the murder mystery. That was such a great episode, probably my favorite one.caccavalej is selling this comic for all you Bell fans.

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Hard Rock Comics Nirvana #4 1992

I remember back in the early 90’s when these Rock Comics were all the rage. moulinpuj is selling issue #4 featuring Nirvana. I wonder Kurt Cobain thought about been featured in a comic.

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Captain America of The Avengers Dead Men Running Comic Set Signed by Derek Hess

moulinpuj is selling a rare 3 piece Captain America set from 2002. This is a special set, it is drawn by Derek Hess. Hess is famous for all those cool concert posters you’ve seen on Ebay. Definitely one of my favorite artists and he was nice enough to sign these.

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The Secret To Finding Great Daredevil Art For Low Prices

The secret to finding affordable Daredevil art is to not have Daredevil in the art. Here’s a page from Daredevil 367. You might notice it’s by Gene Colan and it’s awesome. You probably also notice that there is no Daredevil costume in this piece. It’s Matt Murdock in a cute little boxing outfit. What this […]

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The Career Left Turn

Before he entered his current strata of OBVIOUS weird dude, the LESS OBVIOUS weird dude Frank Miller was a creative powerhouse. Let’s all sigh together. Then click on the images to check out auctions that bring the pre-unhinged Miller to your longbox for next to nothing. Good dealz.

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Brian Wood… If He Could

Does anyone remember the tagline for the film Cool World? Well, I just stole it for the title of this post. Anyway, Brian Wood is a talented dude. His “look how well I know young people” material is flat for me, but his grittier work is great. He’s working on a property called The Massive […]

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