For the Simonson Completist Only

If you’re not into picking up every piece of Walt Simonson-related collectable on this planet, you lame. Also, this post is not for you.

Remember when Simonson was doing licensed books like Close Encounters? No? Don’t feel weird, no one does. But here it is. With Klaus Janson!

What’s that you say? You want production art worth 1/1000 of what an original piece would cost you? Done. Here you go. And it’s from a run you remember. Simonson on X-Factor. Inferno! Forget Thor, this is the book he was born to do.

Now you’re demanding a Simonson cover on a completely forgettable Sherlock Holmes DC book? You want Denny O’Neil to have scripted this thing you won’t read? You are hard to please. But I got you.

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  1. xjasonx24
    Posted April 17, 2012 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

    Blasphemy! Simonson’s X Factor was pretty great, but his run on Thor is almost perfect. Thor #380 is one of the most perfect issues of a comic book ever. I still cherish mine…

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