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Best Poster Find Of 2012

TELL ME THIS ISN’T A SICK POSTER! Granted, I bet it sells better in the Great White North, but anyone can appreciate this beautiful piece of 80s superhero wall-art. If only it included Box, this would be the ultimate Alpha Flight representation. I don’t quite understand what’s going on at the top of the image, […]

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How To Make Comics Good

So who remembers Prophet? It was a terrible, terrible book from the 90s that pretty well encapsulated everything that was terrible about that era. Sort of impressive in that respect. Here’s some horror to shock you into remembering. Like a nightmarish childhood, you’ve repressed this memory, but I’m making you confront it. Fast-forward a number […]

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Doing Lapham’s Dirty Work

David Lapham is selling some stuff. Some stuff you may want. Dude has high points and some deep troughs to his work, but there’s no debating his talent. Here’s a design piece from his Young Liars series. It’s nice to put money directly in a creator’s hands when you can. Jump on it!

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Who Are You Really, Ghost Rider?

So instead of doing my job by reporting exactly the facts of the Gary Friedrich V. Marvel (or is it Marvel V. Gary?) I’ve spent the past week posting Ghost Rider related auctions that illustrate how tricky a thing intellectual property laws can be. Here’s another. The pre-Ghost Rider Ghost Rider appears in this western […]

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Another Sort Of Ghost Rider Auction I Guess

While Joe Q leads the damage control effort for Marvel and Steve Niles keeps the torch lit for the Gary Friedrich charity efforts, we here at Comic Noize keep doing what we do: BARGAIN HUNT. While stalking Ghost Rider related prey in the virtual safari of Ebay, I came across this bad boy. The auction […]

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Ghost Rider? Is That You?

So I’m sure a lot of you are aware of this Ghost Rider situation by now. There’s an ongoing legal beef between writer Gary Friedrich and Marvel Comics. More than that, I can’t tell you. I’m still trying to make sense of it myself. I had planned on posting Ghost Rider related auctions for the […]

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So, yeah, typically holiday books are dumping grounds for throwaway work aimed at the guy who has to buy everything on the racks. BUT it’s also a proving ground for young writers and artists and is, occasionally, the place old stars roll out a brilliant short they’ve wanted to tell for years. Is this late-90s […]


Real Heroes Week Continues with Space Smut

Two real heroes here. One has a wing of a planetarium named in their honor, while the other works primarily in John Waters films. Both inspired me to think outside the confines of my narrow teenage world. HEROES.

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Real Life Heroes Week Starts Today

Let’s start Real Life Heroes Week with The Last Gladiator, Evel Kinevel. This guy defied common sense for a long time and made serious money by (semi)willfully eating pavement at 80mph. Do you want your kid following Evel’s path? No. But are you grateful that there’s always going to be a wingnut with a willingness […]

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Super Bowl Inspired Super Heroics

Well, here’s an obvious one for today. Not terribly creative on my part, but then again it wasn’t terribly creative on Marvel’s part either. What sort of licensing tie-in is this? Fans of comics may also enjoy sports! Alright. Where’s Soccer-Man? This is more like it. A Ken Kelly EERIE cover in poster size. Look […]

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