Twizted Tuesday

You know when something is twizzy. It’s dark for the sake of it. It appeals to the kid who spends a lot of time at the mall, not because he likes shopping but because his home-life is such a nightmare. It’s for the Korn fans of the world.

Comics went through a grueling period where almost everything in the creator-owned field had this flavor. It was a nightmare for reasonable adults. Here’s a few awful flashbacks.

Something called Violent Messiahs that apparently features the cousin to Venom, Grendel, and Spawn (the lame cousin no one invites to family gatherings). Any time you use heart motifs like this, you know you’re in twiz territory. But even without this lame cover, we’d still be talking about a comic called “Violent Messiahs” which, by nature, is for kids without strong father figures.

I should be praising indie creators who struggle to get a hit, right? Damn, man. This one makes it hard. Look at this character’s hair? Most proto-Slipknot thing I’ve ever seen. Fun fact: This issue has seen over twenty print runs. Even if those are runs of as low as 1000, it’s a crazy total. I’m having a vision of standing in line for a mall pretzel behind a fan of this book.

That’s it for this week’s Twizzy Tuesday. Maybe next week I’ll highlight the grandaddy of all gothy-nu sequential art: THE CROW.

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