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Scarlet Book One – Bendis & Maleev

On Thursday, Newbury Comics had a “buy one get one for a $” trade paperback sale. You know I was all over that. I ended up grabbing a few my brother was into too. One that he specifically wanted was Scarlet: Book One. I was game. The cover looked cool enough, and the combination of […]

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A Vibrant World

YOU KNOW I LOVE PRODUCTION MATERIALS! Here’s a color guide for an early-80s issue of Spectacular Spider-Man. This sort of stuff thrills me because it celebrates the whole process of comic making. Which I understand is probably as nerdy as someone collecting lighting rigs from films they love, but whatever. It’s that sort of stuff […]

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My Christmas List

Good news! I brought you it all in for under $1,000! I was thinking of you. I didn’t want to get greedy. HO HO HO

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Bilbo Smirnov

So the newly released Hobbit film trailer got you pumped? You’re excited to experience the magic of the Tolkien classic on the big screen? Well, why not start with this terrifying-looking Russian “comic book” adaptation? It boasts “illustrations on almost every page”. That isn’t a joke. Even if you’re unwilling to pay asking price for […]

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He’s Puzzling.

The Punisher is a fairly one-dimensional character. That’s not a knock. Many writers make it work. But let’s face reality; dude has been driven by one event that occurred 30 years ago. Most of his villains are just as single-faceted. Jigsaw included. Handsome thug gets face cut, sometimes wants revenge. But again, who cares? A […]

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Rep Your Set! Comic Book Attire For the True Superfan

Toss it out to the world that you love comics. Fly your freak flag high! This is casual attire for a townie bar or a comic book convention. Clever. I don’t buy leather jackets. Is this overpriced? Buy it anyway just because the dude is doing some variation on “The Fonz” in his auction photos. […]

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The Gates to the Golden Age Slam Shut

Rest in Peace, Joe Simon. I chose to feature an auction that all of you can afford and might just be the way golden age work is intended to be read. Buy it and extend your love to a man who spent his life building little worlds for people to immerse themselves in.

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Battle of the Lames

Which of these two forgettable villains that existed just to further the plot and had no energy or motivations of their own is lamer? Guy in a stupid jetpack with laser wrists, CHANCE! OR Terribly designed cyber blade jet shoe purple-hair clown, SPEEDFREEK!

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Viva Mexican Comics

Ok, so if we’re going to get technical, some of these aren’t Mexican comics, they’re translated comics from the US. But let’s not get too heavy here and instead just acknowledge that Mexico is awesome and celebrate that fact by bidding on some comics. Buy them for a friend who is building a bar in […]

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Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson

Jerry Robinson passed today. You’ll be hearing a lot about his struggle for creator rights and many people will testify about his ability as an illustrator. I’ll let them do the heavy-lifting and I’ll leave it at this. Thanks, Mr. Robinson. I chose an auction everyone can afford. If you’re looking for first-printings of Jerry’s […]

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