Blackest Friday

Black Friday is upon us! People love to buy things! Let’s do it up! No time to talk! Get black!

Black Panther! (actually a page from Avengers issue 179)

Black Bolt! (actually Fantastic Four issue 46, Italian edition iFantastici Quattro)

That scary black lantern guy who kicked-off the events of Blackest Night which may or may not have happened now that the universe has been rebooted or renumbered or whatever the hell. Whatever. I’m sure this dude will be around.

Black Hole! This is actually a good deal! Buy this now!

Back to the Black Bolt! Now, ridiculously expensive!

Black Cat! This one actually makes a pretty nice gift. Humberto Ramos art. People love it.

Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black
Musta been a white guy who started all that
(Make the Gas Face!) For those little white lies
– 3rd Bass “The Gas Face”

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