Animal Magnetism

I don’t normally get sappy and gush over work in these posts, but I’m going to have to this time so please excuse me. I just reread the Grant Morrison run on Animal Man. The end teetered on idiocy and then pulls out into brilliance in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s straight-up genius. And what’s more, it’s powerful in an exceptionally rare way. I almost cried. Think about that for a second. How often does that happen when you read anything, nevermind a comic from the big two?

Here’s a page of art from that series. Chas Truog’s work took a few issues to convince me, but I eventually warmed up to it and now see it as an important part of the series. This is a low-key set of panels where nothing really happens, but fans of the series will be quick to tell you those pages were the ones that powered the book. Good price. Buy this. Read Animal Man issues 1-26. Today. Do this.

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