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A Familiar Focus For Wingnut Wednesday

I think it goes without saying that Wingnut Wednesday will be 80% Dave Sim content, 17% Steve Ditko material, and 3% assorted smaller names. The Wingnut Wednesday title may seem derisive, but make no mistake- these are men and women I respect. They are the voices from the wilderness calling out for change. Individualists to […]

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Is It Cyber Monday Already?

Well, let’s get to spending some of that CYBER MONEY! First, let’s put a bad taste in your mouth with this horrible piece of crap. Apparently a member of Cyber Force, this is one of the worst figures I’ve seen in my life. I don’t even want to know the character’s name. He doesn’t deserve […]

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Blackest Friday

Black Friday is upon us! People love to buy things! Let’s do it up! No time to talk! Get black! Black Panther! (actually a page from Avengers issue 179) Black Bolt! (actually Fantastic Four issue 46, Italian edition iFantastici Quattro) That scary black lantern guy who kicked-off the events of Blackest Night which may or […]

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Really Odds and Ends

So is it Grey Wednesday? I’ll be all over the Black Friday sales, but right now lets focus on gifts that don’t need sale prices. These are low-cost nicknacks for the people in your life you only somewhat care about. Like the sort of person you would get a Berserk manga mousepad. Or any mousepad […]

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Quick, Cheap, and Vaguely Sexist

You’ve got less than two hours on this auction and it’s currently going for bus fare. The time to act is now, men. Don’t let any slimy woman with female parts take this away from you! This is your birthright, brother. It’s action for those with beards, not those without. A two-fisted ruckus soaked in […]

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Posters get clowned on this site, by me especially. They are clear evidence that you’re under 24 and make less than $23k per year. OR AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT I USED TO THINK. Now I recognize that posters are cool, have always been cool, and will always be cool. Yeah, it might be hard to […]


Is Marcos Martin the Best Artist In Comics?

Yes. He is. Buy these. Poster for your wall. Fight nazism wherever it’s found. Who can argue with that? Hopefully not your wife or husband who insists you take down the comic book posters from your wall. Ask them whose side they’re on. Very important you read this. Either for the Martin art or the […]

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It Just Got Weird

So here we have a signed promo photo featuring the Ninja Turtles that everyone knows, plus two lesser-known turtles: Venus De Milo and Kevin Eastman. I don’t know what product this was attached to. Maybe a third Turtle movie I didn’t know existed? Or, maybe, the Turtles On Ice tour? I have no idea, but […]

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Brian Bolland Blowout Bonanza!

Two things I really like, finally together and for sale. Brian Bollard and production art. I love the former because he added a genuine love of anatomy to comic art and I love the latter because it’s cheap. Production art is a great alternative to original pages for those of us on a budget. To […]

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Animal Magnetism

I don’t normally get sappy and gush over work in these posts, but I’m going to have to this time so please excuse me. I just reread the Grant Morrison run on Animal Man. The end teetered on idiocy and then pulls out into brilliance in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s straight-up genius. […]

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