Scary Stuff

Are horror comics scary? Probably not, unless you’re six-years-old. But they can occasionally get creepy and are almost always fun. It’s getting hard to compete with interactive media like video games that can provide actual jump-out-of-your-seat moments, but horror comics soldier on. In honor of the holiday, here’s a random selection of reasonably-priced terrifying comic auctions.

Old stuff is incapable of being scary (stop lying, classic horror fans) but it is capable of being cool as hell.

This is a little more like it. Still not scary, but starting to get disturbing at least.

Man, I don’t even know how to explain this garbage. Who wants this? It’s not gross, it’s not scary, it’s not cool, it’s just turd. And this was from 1981! Kids were smoking crack by then, how is this supposed to thrill anyone? Misstep, DC.

Bruce Jones really hits the spot for wonderfully clever but intrinsically throwaway horror shorts. This series did everything right. Buy all these today. Highest recommendation.

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