A Vision Of Beauty

I’ve made it clear I love Rick Leonardi. He’s one of the unsung greats and has done more to keep me excited about comics than most of the supposed giants in the field. I’ve probably also made it clear I think the Vision is one of the characters in the Marvel universe with the most potential. He’s (it’s?) a robot that thinks like a man that thinks like a robot. At the end of the the day, what is he? He’s married, but largely incapable of the emotions that allow for a loving relationship. He’s complex, man. I feel him.

I’m also feeling this gorgeous (and weirdly affordable) page from Vision and The Scarlet Witch #1. I know, Vision isn’t on the page and I’ve got significantly less love for Wanda than I do for him, but look at panel six. Look at that. Leonardi is as much a robot as Vision. He’s a robot programmed to make the absolute best-looking comic books imaginable. Frame this.

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