Things That Are Better In Your Head

Welcome to False Nostalgia Week at Comic Noize. Where we celebrate the things you remember fondly until you see them in broad daylight and realize youth is another word for idiot and you couldn’t tell a high-quality product from a piece of crap before the age of 17.

Let’s kick it off by remembering Battle Beasts. These bad boys were our first introduction into racial disharmony and extreme partisanship. They had little icons on their chests that told you which side they were on: wood, water or fire (apparently wind was too sissy and got left in the battle village).
The toys themselves were pretty cool (false nostalgia alert!!!) but look at this awful cash-grab promotional comic. Real turds. At least the price is right on this auction. Own a piece of crap history.

I would put up auctions for the actual toys, but I sold mine a couple years ago and I feel weirdly emotional about it at the moment. Google it if you have to.

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