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Livin’ In the Past

Here’s two items that no longer fulfill their primary purpose, but nevertheless act as wonderfully inexpensive collectables. Was 1996 a good year for you? Why not relive it, right down to Wolverine bone-claw fighting a bear? Take that time machine to calmer days. What good is a calendar from 1986? Not much. Unless it has […]

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They Could’ve Used Some Heroes Last Night


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Hat Day At Gotham City Arena

Hats, dude. Comic hats. The most visible freak-flag out there. Go get one. Tell the world you truly do not give a crap. Here’s the closest I could find to a wearable comic book related hat. Not too goofy, could be a sports team at a glance and isn’t a New Era flat-brim (the surest […]

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The Hurtful Racial Epithet Known As Sabertooth!

Were you all aware of this one? The issue of Wolverine where Sabertooth is nonchalantly referred to as a certain anti-Semitic slur, you know that one? I was so far removed from Wolverine as a character and a series at this point that this controversy slipped under my radar. But here it is. Larger than […]

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A Simpler, Smokier, Time

So this is Comic Noize, not Comics Strip Noize, but the two are part of the same lineage and deserve equal respect even if my personal tastes veer towards the longer form. I recognize that you come here for interesting auctions in the world of comic books and comic book merch, but please, do yourself […]

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Larry Has Me In His Web

It’s no secret that I think Larry Stroman is one of the unsung comic greats. I’d put him next to any forefather and firmly believe he’d crush any contemporary. I regularly scan Ebay for evidence that this (mostly) forgotten genius is still celebrated, if only by the educated few. So how did I miss this? […]


Eat Me, Batman.

Here’s just a smattering of the superhero-related utensils available on Ebay. Who knew people wanted to connect with their favorite characters while they ate? Because I suspect helps motivate a sale, I should mention that Catwoman has her whip in the spoon image. Get weird, 50-year-old men. As odd as the collectors’ spoons are, I […]

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Wolverine, Hold My Calls.

Wolverine is a lot of things. Mutant. X-Man. Wildman. Berserker. Victim of horrible experimentation rendering him a freakish killing machine. Phone. Want to really push potential lovers out the door? Here’s a good start. A phone from 1994 featuring Wolverine on his knees holding a giant receiver. You NEED this. Oh and this buy-it-now is […]

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Just In Case You Forgot. PUNISHER RULES.

Time for your once a week, Mike Zeck-is-awesome-and-the-Punisher-is-one-of-the-most-fun-characters-ever-created post. But this one has a twist. It’s the first holy-crap-is-this-seller-crazy-or-does-the-market-really-demand-a-price-that-high-for-this-admittedly-awesome-poster post.

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But What Is It WORTH?

Here at Comic Noize, we often bring you items we know you want, other times bring you items you didn’t know you needed, and this time, bring you something just because it’s a good deal. It’s true. None of you were searching out original Mary Worth strips from the 70s. That fact is evidenced by […]

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