I am the Law! Now Give Me a Second to Consult My Rule Book.

I’m back from ComicCon and I’m sure you want all the juicy details, the gossip, and some word on the con exclusives. Sorry. I don’t care about exclusives and the only gossip I got was that a well-liked editor at a big publisher was punched dead in the face by another well-liked and significant publishing figure.

While I take a day to collect my thoughts and feelings on the subject of “A Celebration of the Popular Arts” as the event bills itself, I’m going to bring your attention to this bizarre little auction.

A custom-made replica of the Judges’ Book of Law, as seen in the Judge Dredd movie. Why? I don’t know. Maybe put it in with your other law books and someday a friend will notice. Maybe leave it on you coffee table. It’s essentially a sight gag because I don’t think it has any actual content, so you’ve got to hope you run in a circle that would recognize the book. Maybe carry it on the subway and see if anyone notices.

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