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Best Not To Look Too Deeply Here

Instead of judging me on the search terms I must have used to find this piece of art, let’s just focus on the beautifully basic tropes found on this page. I’d love it if someone here bought this. Write the dude and lowball him if you have to, but admit to yourselves this is something […]

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Year of the Rabbit

I’m not very original when naming my posts. “Year of the Rabbit” is the name of the Stan Sakai exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum that I walk by every time I go to the bank. In all my hustle for San Diego Comic Con, I haven’t gotten the time to stop in the […]

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I am the Law! Now Give Me a Second to Consult My Rule Book.

I’m back from ComicCon and I’m sure you want all the juicy details, the gossip, and some word on the con exclusives. Sorry. I don’t care about exclusives and the only gossip I got was that a well-liked editor at a big publisher was punched dead in the face by another well-liked and significant publishing […]

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File Under 90s Runoff

Sadly, I’m only doing one day of Comic Con this year. As I run around the days before trying desperately to coordinate my promo books arriving at the strangers house I shipped them to and figure out the timetable of the terrifying LA to Tijuana bus I’m taking to San Diego, I thought I’d post […]

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The Clock is Ticking

Want a GUARANTEED commission by Mark Brooks at San Diego Comic Con? Well that event is nearly upon us so I urge you to act quickly. Now, I’ll confess, the current bid is above well-above what I’d be willing to pay for ANY commission. But Mark Brooks fans are many and apparently competitive, because these […]

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Truly Worthless Captain America Paraphernalia

Here’s how we count down the days to what will almost certainly be the best film of all time. With the Captain America movie looming, a bubble economy has emerged on Ebay. Everyone wants to unload their worthless Cap products before the film hits. Do you think Green Lantern stuff is selling big right now? […]

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Superheroes Can Go To Hell

I’ve written about The Cross and the Switchblade here in the past, but I don’t remember this cover. Is this a second printing? A variant given to selected retailers? I’d cast superheroes into flames if I could just get great comics like this instead. This is like the white, pacifist version of the original Luke […]

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The GROOsome Details

There’s commissions, there’s sketches and there’s whatever this is. A doodle? This is the sort of thing I would love to own. It’s like having a study of a study from Picasso. Is it the marquee work? The stuff that gets a feature exhibit at museums? No. But it is the sort of material that […]

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Am I Too Skeptical?

Whenever a seller on Ebay claims they have some really old, awesome, stuff in unused condition, I put on my sleuthing hat. I naturally doubt statements like, “found in an attic at my dead uncle’s house. He never wore any of the clothes he bought, so it’s brand new!” or “I knocked down a wall […]

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Cottage Industries Can Be Scary

What you’re looking at, just in the off-chance you didn’t immediately recognize it, is a custom-crafted Mego-compatible Abomination head. Look at that sculpt, man. It’s like Abomination himself is looking at me. Here’s what’s so awesome about this Ebay auction: Someone made this with love. Some oddball working with a scalpel and maybe some injection […]

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