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I’m Going In

I’m going to do it. I’m going to read Alan Moore’s Lost Girls. There was some small moral panic when this thing came out because *supposedly* it features depictions of sex acts with younger looking characters. Or maybe just nude. No one seems to have actually read the book to tell me which, they’ve just […]

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I Read It For the Articles

The following post is labeled NSFW or NWS or whatever acronym denotes the fact that the material being discussed is for adults and apparently adults are not allowed in the workplace. I’m trying to bone up on my comix knowledge. My understanding of COMICS is pretty high, but my exposure to underground COMIX is not […]

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Variant Covers Are ALMOST Always Pointless

So I think all thinking adults can agree variant covers are the province of geeks and (uncool) mutants, right? It’s a transparent and, ultimately, sad effort to squeeze dollars from the same buyers instead of creating new ones. It’s insular and creepy and plays to the worst aspects of fanboy nature. No one loves variants […]

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There is a Lesson Here Somewhere

As I inch closer to self-publishing, I’ve thought it best to do a little research into successful ventures of that type. I need a model. A mentor would be great, but I’ll settle for research. Zap Comix by Robert Crumb (and a bunch of other dudes who pretty much all became names themselves) is an […]

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Plate Tectonics

What we’re looking at here is a commemorative Green Lantern/Green Arrow plate. This collectable celebrates the groundbreaking 70s series featuring these two characters fighting social ills. It’s exactly what it looks like. A plate. The art is by Alex Ross (as is the case with seemingly all “collectables”) and the trim is “gold”. Not microwave-safe […]

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Pocket Nullifier

For less than the cost of a breakfast sandwich you can wield ultimate power. Here’s three cards, one purely collectable the other two part of a collectable card game, that will give you a cosmic perspective on life and death. Or really, existence and nonexistence. Feel like Reed Richards when he faced down Galactus.

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Original Asterix the Gaul Poster 1968

fantomas38000 is selling a great Asterix the Gaul 2 sheet Italian Movie Poster. For those of you who don’t know about Asterix and Obelix, they are a couple of guys from Gaul who fight the Roman Legion on a daily basis. They have a druid that hooks them up with a potion that gives them […]

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36 Mad Magazines LOT 1988-1991

Who loves Mad Magazine? I know my dad does. He’s got a statue of Alfred in the living room. buttahfingaz also loves Mad Magazine as well. He has a great lot for sale a few choice ones including a Star Wars comic.

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Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11 comic book LOT

buttahfingaz has got nice Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic lot. These comics are nothing like the cartoon, they are much more dark, you almost forget that they are ninja turtles.

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Fred For Any Budget

Been a minute since we’ve done a Fred Hembeck post here on Comic Noize. I can’t pretend this dude has made an impact on my life or even that he’s a particularly impressive creative voice. But he is persistent. Dude has been working in comics for longer than half of comic readers have been alive. […]

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