If I have any agenda, any purpose, in writing my own comics it’s to underline the plain truth: Comics are not for kids. No more than novels are for kids. No more than movies are for kids. Do those mediums have works for children? Sure. But the mediums themselves aren’t inherently FOR kids. Stories are things that come out of adults, typically, so it stands to reason that the content of the stories would most often be adult in nature.

All the messageboard pundits crying for comics to “return to being for kids” need to take an eye to history. If comics have “lost” kids, it’s been well over 20 years in the making. This run of Peter David Incredible Hulk issues came out in 1989 and is as dark and adult as anything you’ll read this year. Oh, it’s also great. But idiots who want comics to be for kids don’t care about good literature, they care about their narrow notion of “age-appropriate” literature. So either they treat classic works like this as an aberration, pretending its themes weren’t pandemic at the time, or they make excuses for it. But they NEVER accept it for what it is: proof that a generation, my generation, of KIDS grew up on comics meant for adults and were made better critical thinkers as a result.

Drug analogies; violence; murder; Satan; gambling.

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