I Blotted This Whole Period Out of My Memory

What is this? I mean, I can tell it’s an Image book from their early days and I can tell it’s something I wouldn’t be interested in, but what is it? Who is Prophet? Stephen Platt is the artist, but was this book his or was he acting in his usual role of familiar to one of the warlocks like Liefeld or Lee?

If this is from 1994 and it reeks of it. I’m not low-rating Platt or any of the Image dudes here, but there is nothing about this that “lasts” for me. That said, it’s a fascinating period to reflect on because everything considered “amateur” became desirable. Similar to punk in some ways, but less engaging as art in my opinion. The punk comparison is apt not only because of the original output being “unprofessional” but also because the ones who made waves were immediately duplicated by less innovative creators. I think thats where this book falls, but let me know if I’ve unfairly judged it.

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