Kirby Production Art is Still Kirby Art

I’ve posted on both Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth and the value of production art. Well, now we’re doing a mash-up. Here’s some production art from that comic. Kirby art will run you over a grand for even the most insignificant pages, but PRODUCTION art will cost you a fraction of that and you still get to see Kamandi in all his boyish glory PLUS you see how comics were constructed before the advent of Apple.

Also, I’ve been reading Kamandi over the past couple days. Holy shit was this a weird book. Kirby not only wrote it and drew it, but he edited it as well. THERE WAS NO OVERSIGHT. Think about that. Dude let it all hang out and as a result there are some serious Ed Wood moments of in-series and in-issue(!) continuity flubs. Kamandi is the only human in the book who can speak. Until he isn’t. And then he is again. It’s great. Also, the letter pages from that period are unbeatable. “I think it’s best that Flower died, because she would have just slowed Kamandi down and prevented him from reaching his destiny as the real hero he’s meant to be.” Thanks for the comment, Julian Savre of Apache Junction, Arizona!

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