So after much research (one Google search) I come to learn my childhood memory of the Mad Dog comic book was actually Wild Dog. From what little I’ve gleaned about WD from the one issue I read 20 years ago and the glance I took at a wikipedia entry, it seems Wild Dog was part of the Big Two’s 80s effort to get gritty without getting gritty. Punisher and the like. Thing is, I LOVE that stuff. If you don’t beat me to this auction, I may pick these four issues up. Take me to a world where all crime can be stamped out by one dude with an Uzi.

Check out issue four. Cover goes from “THIS IS WILD DOG” to “YOU ARE WILD DOG” with WD handing his mask off. Very cute.

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  1. Emil
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 1:09 am | Permalink

    Pretty sure I saw this in a $1 bin sometime. The red dog logo is, WYLD, but the hockey mask is just too played out, come on Casey Jones was coming out right around the same time and his image was already a Jason rip-off.

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