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A Lesser Known Frazetta

The 1977 action thriller The Gauntlet is an often over looked Clint Eastwood gem that most people don’t remember. If you’d like to more about this movie check it out here, however even fewer people might remember the amazing poster art that accompanied this movie when it premiered in theaters. If the artwork looks at […]

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You’ve Got a Two-Hour Window to Celebrate the 90s

Everyone had to get that TMNT dollar back then and even Mighty Marvel wasn’t above anthropomorphizing a dolphin to fight on behalf of the environment. I’ll level with you: this isn’t great. It’s actually vaguely insulting, but it is the runoff of a interesting period. This thing was written by Simon Furman, a creator with […]

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Kirby Production Art is Still Kirby Art

I’ve posted on both Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth and the value of production art. Well, now we’re doing a mash-up. Here’s some production art from that comic. Kirby art will run you over a grand for even the most insignificant pages, but PRODUCTION art will cost you a fraction of that and you […]

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It’s a Dog’s Life Here in the Blue Area of the Moon

To finish out “Canine Week” on Comic Noize, I was going to do a Lockjaw megapost. But look at what I’m confronted with. This cover of The Inhumans doesn’t feature Lockjaw at all. What the hell is that? Medusa is good enough to be devoured by a poorly designed Gobot but Lockjaw doesn’t even make […]

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So after much research (one Google search) I come to learn my childhood memory of the Mad Dog comic book was actually Wild Dog. From what little I’ve gleaned about WD from the one issue I read 20 years ago and the glance I took at a wikipedia entry, it seems Wild Dog was part […]

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Who Let the Mad Dogs Out?

My hunt for decent dog-related comic books continues albeit with diminishing returns. Basically anything that isn’t Groo isn’t really moving the dog meter in my mind. I went searching for Mad Dog, which I thought was a DC book in the vein of 90s Punisher, but here’s what I found instead. Apparently my memory is […]

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Undeniable Hate

I was going to go full-on with the dog posts this week. Each day a canine related comic book auction would be highlighted, you’d all buy them and then everyone would be happy. But the dog presence in comics is thinner than I imagined and we’re left with stuff like this: I hate this. I […]

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A Boy and His Dog and the Person Who Reads About Them

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dog. I miss him. Here is one of the best explorations of that human/dog dynamic. Harlan Ellison’s A Boy and His Dog adapted and expanded on, with the help of Richard Corben, in Vic and Blood. Is it the relationship my dog and I had? No, my dog […]

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Nostalgia Has a Breaking Point

I’ve posted about Pat Mills’ and Kevin O’Neill’s Nemesis The Warlock in the past, but I’ve been on another reading tear of that material and I couldn’t help but post again. Instead of directing you to the strange and brilliant comic book work featuring the alien freedom fighter, I am instead sharing the just plain […]

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Get Me That Time Machine, STAT!

Oh, the Hulk is fighting Absorbing Man on a rocket somewhere between 400ft and outer-space? Man, this comic hits the spot. It’s everything that made 70s comics great. Right down to the brandbox with what appears to be a swing-dancing Hulk in the left hand corner. Weird perspective, imperfect feet, Hulk looking like a green […]

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