For Real Though, It’s Him. I Swear.

Love Ron Lim. Love this period of Silver Surfer. So imagine my excitement when I saw this auction listed. But some of that wind was taken out of my sails when I saw the page. Granted, it’s got some great outer space stuff going on here and surely displays some of Lim’s strengths. But something’s missing. The Silver Surfer. He’s there, I see him, but no panel is any closer than a long shot. I see he’s flying with someone, but I can barely make out who it is. Guardian? Could be Quasar at this distance.

Nothing wrong with this page as a storytelling tool. We get movement and dialog. But when most people buy comic art they’d like characters at the forefront. So my advice: hit this seller with a lowball offer. I suspect he/she will have to consider it when this beautiful, but not hyper-desirable, page goes unsold. Then you will have a great Lim piece for your collection and if you break out a magnifying glass, you can display it to friends.

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