My Hero is a Monster

Just caught up on Hickman’s Fantastic Four. I wasn’t as crazy about it as most people seemed to be, but I enjoyed the interplay between the adult characters and children. The Johnny Storm death issue felt truncated to me but I did manage to pull something from it, even if it’s not what Hickman intended: Ben Grimm rules. I know the issue was supposed to be about the Human Torch’s sacrifice and how it helps define an otherwise aimless character, but I didn’t care about that. I love The Thing. Before the Torch can make his stand, Ben steps up to the plate. He just assumes he’ll be the one to die in the Negative Zone. It’s his nature. It only took a panel. That panel said everything there is to say about Ben.

Celebrate The Thing with this horrible depiction of him from the late 70s. He looks like hell here, but it’s a nice addition to your Ben Grimm shrine. Going for cheap(ish) too. Good grab.

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