Prices So Low, It’s Inhuman

Do you know what this is? Do you understand? Can you wrap your head around something this cool for such a small price? To give you perspective, this would be like finding a new car for $600. Or remodeling your house to look like a starship and paying the contractor by playing video games with him for an afternoon.

This is Jae Lee art and it’s the Inhumans. THINK ABOUT IT. It’s awesome. And here’s what truly rules: These auctions are in their final hours and going for peanuts. This is your window, bros. Grab this. Don’t be foolish. The world is getting unpredictable and aggressive. Retreat into your possessions. Hide in wonderful art for your wall, such as this. You may not have a wall in ten years. Enjoy it while you can and enjoy it for small money.

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