That’s Race-ist.

Wargamming and tabletop roleplaying are the two things my life is missing right now. More so than money. More so than the doctor’s visit I’ve gone without for ten years. More so than a sense of well-being. I miss playing games. They are supremely satisfying in a way life just can’t match. In games you win or lose, whereas life only ever provides shades of that. In life there is always something more to accomplish. In gaming, once you’ve beat the other players- the goal is met.

Heroclix is a fun game for people who like the competition of wargamming but not the commitment. It’s about as simple as you can get while still being playable. Fun. But it’s been a long time since I’ve played so I’ve lost touch with what figures are being produced. Until I went looking for a Web of Spider-Man issue featuring Rocket Racer and tripped over this piece of shit. I was only searching for Rocket Racer out of a curiosity. I didn’t need to see him immortalized in 3″ injection molded plastic.

“Betcha all forgot about me, huh? Well, I’m back. In the form of a poorly painted miniature. How ya like me now?”

Note: The seller on this auction has opted to make his internet-derived image of RR the smallest possible, so I went and grabbed this one from a Google search. Thanks to whoever.

Edit: There’s a whole line of Web of Spider-Man Heroclix. Weird. Need the Prowler figure.

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