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Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants plus Levis 501 Denim

Back in the early 90’s I remember seeing a commercial for Levi’s Jeans that featured a young up and coming artist named Rob Liefeld. The commercial was directed by none other than Spike Lee, who at the time was directing a lot of Nike’s commercials. In the background you can see images of The New […]

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I really like the Marvel What If series. It allows you to see other storylines of your favorite characters. All of these Wolverine comics have good concepts. Wolverine is one of those characters that has led so many different lives and he has battled with everyone in the Marvel universe. I keep telling myself that […]


Wolverine #48-50 “The Shiva Scenario” Comic Set

I remember buying this three part series back in the early 90’s from Thunder Road Comics. This was my first venture into Wolverine. Up until that point I had been a Spiderman and Punisher fan. I think it was the awesome artwork by Marc Silvestri that attracted me to it. carmsadoll is selling this for […]


Heartbreak Graphic Novel (2007) #1-1ST Edition

So I’m posting this because I thought it would be awesome to showcase some local talent. Heartbreak is a comic about all the pain and suffering that goes into dating. Nick DeStefano is from New Jersey just like me. He is best friends with my friend Dennis. We went to different highschools but we all […]

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WHO IS BLACK PANTHER?? Volume 1 and 2

So I just finished watching season 1 of Marvel Knights Black Panther animated series. The series was developed by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr. The series is awesome, at least I think so. It combines motion comic animation with regular animation done by Titmouse Studios. The show even boasts an allstar cast featuring Djimon […]

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Time To Man Up and Get Buying

Sometimes I like to show you the most overpriced items in the online auction world, but this week I’ve tried to underline the affordable. Here we have another great piece for your wall, featuring my man, Man-Thing. I love this gross green mf’er. Sure, these aren’t original pencils by Mike Ploog, but this is the […]

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Prices So Low, It’s Inhuman

Do you know what this is? Do you understand? Can you wrap your head around something this cool for such a small price? To give you perspective, this would be like finding a new car for $600. Or remodeling your house to look like a starship and paying the contractor by playing video games with […]

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Saved By The Bell Comics!!!!

Good old Harvey Comics feeding my addiction for Saved By The Bell. I am probably the reason you still see reruns on TBS in the morning. Every day with out fail I watch Saved by the Bell from 7:00am to 8:30am before I go to work. I know I’m an asshole by some your standards […]


I now pronounce you Spidey and Wife!!!

I was digging around in the attic the other day and I came across my suit that I wore to Peter Parker’s wedding. Man did that bring back memories. I remember being late as usual, I had to catch the train from Jersey and meet up with Harry Osborn. I ended up getting their just […]

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Of Thee I sing

With the United States always wrapped up in some shady nonsense, it’s easy to loose faith in the old red, white and blue. Secret prisons, torture, toppling developing nations and installing brutal dictators- it’s not easy to stay patriotic in these ethically trying times. Thank God I found this auction. This bad boy reminds us […]

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