Better Late Than Never. Peace Out, Comics Code!

The death of the Comics Code was a bit of an anticlimax, wasn’t it? For something that hung over every publisher’s head like a mean-spirited ghost that wouldn’t leave the mansion, it sure went quietly in the end. An effort to self-censor rather than be bullied by potentially more aggressive government regulations, the Code speaks to a time in human history where people were stupid. Every person on Earth should celebrate the fact that it breathed its last this year. But there is a whole generation of comic fans out there who don’t know anything about the dark ages of Code enforcement. To them I dedicate the following auction:

While most everyone is using classic EC material in their discussion of the Code, I’m going in a different direction. Here’s part of the “Green Goblin Reborn!” arc that helped undermine the authority of the Code. These issues tackled drug abuse, and the Code just wasn’t having that. So they went to racks without that annoying little stamp and sold like crazy. Code seemed less important after that. Amazing Spider-Man returned the seal of the Code after this arc, but pandora was out of her box. DC followed suit by going ahead with the publication of the Green Arrow “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” arc without the seal. And there it was. No one was outraged, except perhaps the narrow and retrogressive weirdos at the Comics Code who didn’t have the same juice they had fifteen years earlier.

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  1. Justin Johnson
    Posted October 15, 2012 at 3:23 pm | Permalink

    Actually the GL/GA arc Snowbirds Don’t Fly was approved by the code, the code was revised after the Goblin Reborn act. 2 weeks after it came out in fact.

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