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The Halodeck is Even Cooler Than You Think

I’ve failed to post the last few days but I’m confident that once you hear why, all will be forgiven. How much do you know about porn? The business of it, I mean. Well, for the uninitiated, the porn industry is seeing the same drop in sales due to pirating that music and comics are. […]


100 Bullets

There are very few books which I kick myself for not reading sooner. 100 Bullets from Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso is one of those books. I’m not sure how I slept on it for so long. I recall a friend of mine talking it up in early 2000. Like, he couldn’t stop talking about […]


The Flight Of Dragons.

It’s been literally 2 decades since I last saw this classic piece of Rankin Bass animation, and while it’s been out on dvd for awhile now, it’s been nigh impossible to find (I checked today and Amazon has it, but last time I checked prior to this it was out of stock). Anyways, thanks to […]

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From Grey Matter to Blood Splatter

Steve Niles, best known for 30 Days Of Night, has been ablaze on his blog and Twitter advocating for creator-owned comics. The fact that someone who makes their income almost exclusively on non-Big Two material should come out swinging for creator-owned material is no surprise. But the fact that Steve (and a number of others) […]

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True Hearts and Tommy Guns.

You know who doesn’t get any damn respect? Dick Tracy. Sure, there was the movie with Warren Beatty, and there have been some nice looking hardcovers over the past few years that have worked towards collecting the strips in full (though they royally pissed me off by increasing the size and changing the layout after […]

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Better Late Than Never. Peace Out, Comics Code!

The death of the Comics Code was a bit of an anticlimax, wasn’t it? For something that hung over every publisher’s head like a mean-spirited ghost that wouldn’t leave the mansion, it sure went quietly in the end. An effort to self-censor rather than be bullied by potentially more aggressive government regulations, the Code speaks […]

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WuTang Milkcrate Athletics Gza Liquid Swords T-shirt

I know some of you might be wondering why I posted this t-shirt and what possible relationship could it have with comics? Well I will tell you. Back in 1995 when the Gza dropped the Liquid Swords I completely lost my mind. The album was amazing from beginning to end. Even the artwork was awesome, […]

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Dare Devil the Man Without Fear Frank Miller Hard Cover

I have to say I was not a huge Dare Devil fan. I always felt like he was Marvel’s answer to Batman. I just could not get into it until I read the Frank Miller origin. Miller just has a way of telling a story like you’re reading a great detective novel or watching a […]

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Earlier in the day I posted a skate deck on SkateNoize featuring The Darkness. The board came with an autographed comic by Marc Silvestri for the release of The Darkness video game.blackstarcomics is also selling autographed copies of comics. One in particular is Witchblade number 10 the first appearance of The Darkness. The comic is […]


Get Me Orange Juice, I’m High on X-Factor

Well, I’m hooked. The current Peter David X-Factor run I finally started shows much promise and I’m excited to pick up the other trades. I have a lot to catch up on. To celebrate my new love, I’m posting auctions that include the creative team of the first trade. Peter David and Ryan Sook in […]

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