Ghost Riding the Information Superhighway

It’s rare that I presume to be too busy or important for something. I’ll give hours of my time true nonsense. I’ll read the Wikipedia entries for Seven Mary Three and Timecop, watch Youtube videos of fat people falling, and have full conversations with other people’s dogs. My time is not valuable.

But I draw the line at Ghost Rider 2099. Someone I trust is going to have to give this one a vote of confidence before I proceed. So far as I can tell, it’s the plot to Deathlok the Demolisher but with way more “hacking action”. |<3\/\/|_.

Am I mistaken or is this the most pointless of titles in a line of truly pointless titles? Spider-Man 2099 at least had Leonardi art, and I’ve heard the rare voice defending Doom 2099, but I’ve never heard ANYTHING positive about this unloved piece of poop. If your time is truly worthless, do me a favor and read this. You can act as the poison tester in my kingly court.

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  1. Peter
    Posted October 26, 2012 at 5:46 pm | Permalink

    I read Ghost Rider 2099 in the ’90s when it first came out because I was young and in love with the 2099 line. Thinking back, I believe it’s more accurate to say GR 2099 devolved into a festering pile of poop. The first 3 or 4 issues when Len Kaminski was at the helm were actually pretty cool (despite the Deathlok-style origins). This was a story mirroring the emerging counter-culture hacker community – more attitude than story. Hell, a nearly-incomprehensible slang was created. Then….I’m guessing Marvel took an actual interest and mucked it all up by about issue #4, and it goes downhill into the strange hard-to-follow mess as you described above.

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